Friday, August 18, 2006

Too Scary

Tara is five years old.

And she is going to start preschool this year.

As they usually do, the school administrators sent out a little check list for all the parents. It included what the child should bring to school and what they should expect on their first day. There was even a little schedule of their day. Way up at the top at the schedule was the Pledge of Allegiance.

So, Mom gets with Tara and explains to her what is going to happen and then they do a little practicing. She holds her hands over heart and begins to pledge allegiance.

Tara watches.

"Oh that's too scary" she says.

"I'm not going to talk to a flag."

Mom explains that it is OK and to just go along with the other kids.

That afternoon, Mom asked Tara how it went.

"Did you hold your hand over your heart and recite the words?"

"No, I just stood there and didn't say anything,

Talking to a Flag.

That's just too scary."

Yesterday, I was taken by surprise by yet another story that deals with a pledge. This time, the pledge was an oath to defend the Constitution.

Earlier in the day, the news that a Federal Judge had ruled against the administration's illegal spying began to break. Now, this is a big story I thought. The President and his administration have been found by a Federal Court to be breaking the law.... no, not just the law... violating the Constitution , to which he has sworn to protect.

Since I was working out early, I turned on the MSM at 5:30 to see how they were shaping the story.

CBS was leading with the dead dead white girl story.

So was NBC, ABC, CNN. Even PBS opened with the "new development" in the 10 year unsolved murder of a beautiful little white girl who looked like a Goldilocks stand in. All of the networks spent from five to ten minutes on the tragic story. They each had "stand ups" and "experts".

CBS did mention the ruling , but said the judges ruling had been "stayed", which it had not.

In fairness, the print media is running with the story on the front pages today.

After all, its not everyday that the President is found guilty of an impeachable offense in Federal Court.

The President (and his spokesman), like every law breaker found guilty in a court of law, says he is "not guilty. That he didn't break the law. It's like a bank president saying that the money that he stole was just borrowed.

And quite honestly, you always want to give "the accused" the benefit of the doubt, even after they've been found guilty.

But generally, you don't give "their opinion" of their innocence equal weight with the "judge's opinion", once the issue has been "heard".

The guilty almost always say that they aren't.

But in this case, the guys that are guilty are the guys who are supposed to carry out the laws.

So, the judge will have to be marginalized.

She is black you know. And she is a she. And she was appointed by Carter. And even though we are nation of laws,

We don't have to follow her law.

Here is USA Today

Wiretap ruling affirms that presidents aren't monarchs

"For the past five years, the Bush administration has operated as if the horrific events of 9/11 not only changed fundamental aspects of national security and public safety, but also changed the very nature of government.

President Bush has unilaterally declared what parts of new laws he wishes to enforce.

He has created military tribunals unauthorized by Congress.

And, perhaps most ominously, he has authorized eavesdropping on phone calls to and from the USA without court orders.

Bush has done these things by simply asserting that the powers of the presidency enumerated in Article II of the Constitution — particularly the clause making him the "Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy" — are much more sweeping than previously imagined.

In short, he has acted like a king."


By ignoring the law, and making specious arguments that powers contained in Article II make the president virtually unaccountable to either the courts or Congress, the president shows contempt for the other branches and exposes his determination to concentrate power within his own — with no particular gain for the war on terrorism."

Tara is right.

It's too Scary


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes. The dead white girl story will pass for important news for who knows how long. Boring. Inconsequential. Irrelevant. No wonder the USA looks so stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world.
Our culture has become coarse and superficial. We are drugged and asleep at the wheel thanks to easy credit, cheap food, and moral complacency. Pass the bean dip.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we were all schooled very early on to talk to flags. Tara just needs a little more schooling.

1:46 PM  
Blogger SB said...

one nation on the window sill --

7:31 PM  

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