Thursday, September 14, 2006

Addicted to Light

The last few weeks have been really good weeks for solar. We have seen several announcements and even some awards given to solar companies who are leading the charge to tomorrow.

Here's another one.

Silicon Research Will Transform Solar Cells

Patent is pending on new technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos, New Mexico []
September 8, 2006

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Alp Findikoglu has created a breakthrough in solar cells using aligned crystalline silicon (ACSi) and a buffer layer created through specially directed ion beams. The patent-pending ACSi technology is designed to create solar cells that combine the cost benefits of amorphous silicon films with the crystalline quality and performance characteristics of single-crystalline silicon.

We are not using a new or unique material, but instead we are using a known material (silicon), and combining it with a unique technology to make high-efficiency, low-cost solar cells that, once fully developed, will be competitive with traditional, non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels," said Findikoglu.

Solar cells based on Findikoglu's ACSi film technology research are estimated to exceed 15% efficiency, proving that ACSi solar cells have the potential to match the efficiency of bulk crystalline solar cells.

Also, it is estimated that optimized ACSi solar cells will cost 40% less than single-crystal solar cells. "ACSi films can be manufactured in large sheets and rolls using fairly conventional manufacturing techniques," Findikoglu said.

"The fact that we can manufacture this highly organized, highly efficient silicon-based material cheaply and in large sheets and rolls leads one to think about unique applications such as gigantic solar cells."

Findikoglu said he envisions large-area solar cell sheets that can be integrated in buildings, like the roof of the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, with the ACSi technology serving a dual purpose of providing coverage while generating electricity for the entire complex."

If it is possible to combine this technology with this development,

Affordable, long lasting photon to electron materials are here now.

That means that zero energy homes and businesses

are not just around the corner.

They are just about to jump the curb.

The other day, while complaining and lamenting about

the amazing police state treatment

that we all receive and accept with our shoes off,

while we bend over at the waist, waiting for the final humiliation,

Someone asked me if I wanted to be "safe or not".

I replied that I wanted "us" to quit invading Islamic countries

and quit supporting proxies who enslave and starve them

in order to secure the oil that we already admit we are addicted to.

If we were addicted to light.

I think our derrieres would be safe,

And our heads would be clear.

And our future would look more like Mr. Rogers.

I have a T Shirt that says,

"I'm only wearing black until they make something darker."

The "R"s are working overtime on it.


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