Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Giant New Field

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Giant New Solar Field
Austin American Spaceman
September 6, 2006

A giant new solar field was discovered this week thus ending the need for the Industrialized Nations to commit suicide over the last remaining half of the earth’s rich oil endowment.

"We knew it was there, but we just weren’t sure how big it was, but now that we’ve done the calculations, we know just how big it is, and boy it is big, really big," said Oivind Reinertsen, chief technology officer for Sun Resources.

“This dang thang is just so big, we can’t quite imagine why we didn’t know it was there all along”, said Sam Ramon, of California based Ramron, a global think tank.

“I guess its just been sitting waiting for someone to discover it.”

Of course it helps that the government has decided to suspend all royalty payments, thus allowing us to get the energy without having to pay for it, said Ramon in a moment of candor.

But the facts are, this discovery will provide all of the transportation fuel that this nation or any nation will ever need.

By using the 10 foot wide shoulder on the side of an ordinary highway, a modern photon to electron converter will provide about 500 KW per mile.

Assuming an average day and average latitude, that’s about 2500KWhs per mile, per day. Since a new in-wheel ultra cap electric vehicle can get 4 miles to the KWh, that means that each mile of new Sunway will support up to 10,000 cars a day, which is about the same amount of traffic found on the heavily traveled highway from Walla Walla to Burbank.

If you need to double that, you simply do the other side of the road.

If all of the interstates and super highways of the United States were Sunways, then those 55,000 miles of highway would provide the equivalent of 660,000 barrels of oil a day.

If we included all of our highways, we found that using a 5 foot shoulder on those 2.2 million miles of surface would provide 20 times that amount or almost 13 million barrels of oil a day.

That would offset 2/3 thirds of the total US oil habit.”

Unfortunately, that would also remove the need for all imported oil.

And that would remove the need to have to bring democracy

to those Islamic Countries who happen to have our oil.

And that would remove the need for an army,

And its powerful complex,

And the war on fearful nouns.

And the politicians who have made such s#it

their stock and trade.


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