Sunday, September 17, 2006


It's practically impossible to listen to or watch the gibberish on our mainstream suck boxes these days.

Here are a few exceptions.

Gloria Steinem pretty much nails it with this comment.

And this documentary on rendition and torture pretty much
nails any faith you might have had in the morality of the US Govt.

And here is the CEO of Halliburton saying it like it should be said.

And here is the POTUS putting his hand on his heart,

While Bill Maher pretty much puts the nail on the head. "A President should know where his heart is.

"Most people don't clutch the wrong organ, but then again most people don't invade the wrong country.""

And here is Jonathan Tureley raising an obvious, yet seldom mentioned point: Is the Bush administration trying to retroactively legalize crimes it very well may have already committed?

War Criminals.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to create a dictatorship.

The rules of Geneva convention only require a prisoner to supply their name, rank and serial number - the majority of the articles actually define the obligations of the captor when dealing with prisoners so as to see that they are treated civilly and humanely. Prisoners cannot be interrogated for any additional information through the use of any means, much less any form of torture.

Rewriting our interpretation of Article 3 has no effect upon our obligation to adhere to the convention, we can absolve ourselves of the obligations by submitting our intent to withdraw to the other signers, this will take effect one year later, that is unless we are involved in a war, in which case the obligation is in effect until the war is concluded and the prisoners of war are relocated to their native countries.

We have broken almost every provision of the conventions, torture is only a small part, however, there is no means of enforcing the convention short of defeating the offending country in war and bringing the government and military leaders before a "Nuremberg" trial for war crimes.

There is a greater issue at stake here - when we, the citizens of the United States, created the "US War Crimes Act" it was to make the government and military subject to felony prosecution should they break the provisions of the convention. That was so that we could insure that our nation would never find itself in jeopardy of committing war crimes. When this is reversed, as the government is trying to do now, so as to give the government and military what amounts to a "get out of jail free card" protecting them from prosecution by us, the citizens, it negates the principles behind a democracy.

In short - the United States is not free of its obligation to abide by the articles of the Geneva convention no matter what is passed, all this new interpretation achieves is to change this country from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Welcome to your new country "The Dictatorship of America".

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here is a very good streaming 50 minute documentary by Jon Snow on what is being left out of the coverage of Iraq, be forewarned it will turn your stomach

6:13 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

the turn to islam piece in the above comment is pretty good. thanks for the link and comments

7:44 AM  

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