Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Being Self

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I was talking with my Italian friend while having coffee this morning.

We talked about who we are, about our larger selves and about the smaller self that we generally consider to be our “being self”.

Our conversation reminded me of a wedding ceremony not too long ago where these words were shared with the gathering of well wishers and kin.

We come together to join these two as they join themselves into a holy mystical union.

But in our most mystical of selves, we know that we are already joined, that we are all participating in this miracle of space and time, and that this miracle is not some collected addition of its parts, but rather a mystical whole in which we all belong.

In our most mystical self, we know that our being does not stop at the boundary of our skin or of our bodies.

For we know that we extend beyond our forms, in our words, in our works, in our poetry, in our music, in our care for others, and in our love.

Does our being stop at the boundary of our forms?

I think not.

What we do and how we live our lives is part of our extended self, our greater self, a self that is not bounded by our corpus but by the creation itself.

This greater self can be seen in these friends, and these family members.

This greater self can be sensed in the love and the care they have come to offer on this important day.

So today, it seems that even though we gather together to honor this union, we know that in the fullness of things, that this union has always existed.

That the separation that we presume in this ceremony is a ghost.

It is a phantom.

For in truth,

we are all one.”

Later this afternoon, we will walk high in the mountains together.

We will smell the fresh scents of the mountain laurel and the lavender

We will walk together perhaps knowing that our separation is a myth.

We will find ourselves in the simple and profound state of nature

Within the Fullness,

as boring and negative as we would shape it,

as revealing and perfect as we can imagine.

We will walk in our Being Self,

as small or as large as we choose to allow ourselves

to be,

and to become.


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