Saturday, September 30, 2006


I had read about this.

But today, I not only got to see the actual sign,

I got to drive this fast legally.

Even a little bit over it.

I made 165 miles in two hours.

Now before you go all green on me

and judge the above sign to be the obscene

action of a legislative body without conscience

or intelligence, (which it is)

What if instead of speed limits,

We had vehicle limits?

And a good, safe, efficient vehicle

would be allowed to travel even faster than I did today.

Then, instead of buying sex, or snobbery, or paramilitary,

you could buy safety, and efficiency, and speed.

If you then collect the insurance costs

and the social costs of the medical expenses

as you purchase the fuel or electricity,

You have a reasonably equitable system

that promotes high fuel efficiency, (high cafe standards)

and well built cars that can travel safely at high


Speed doesn't just sell in the truck stops,

Going faster would make any "red stater"

drop his "hummer dummer" for a hybrid.

Why do you think they say,

God Speed.


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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

Could be a good thing. More SUVs will crash and more idiots will go to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned to drive on the Kansas Turnpike in 1954 when the speed limit was 80 mph.

Scares me to death to think about it. And my daddy didn't make me get a license so I was driving unlicensed until I was 19 and my sister MADE me get a license. This was a great one.

1:25 PM  

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