Friday, September 08, 2006

To Duel or Duet

There is going to be a football game here this weekend.

A really big one.

It will be a great diversion from the weekday grind,

and the terror 24/7 world.

But you will not escape.

You will be searched at the stadium,

and perhaps even begin to suspect that the same Corporations

who are bringing you the game,

are the same corporations who profit from our wars.

During lunch today, we discussed how

Football, our football, is a perfect sport for these military times.

Fight, Fight, Fight.

Hit em again, harder harder, hit em again, harder harder.

Push them back, push them back, way back.

"The best defense is a good offense."

"Make them play on their end of the field. "

"Have a balanced attack in the air and on the ground."

The field has two sides and each side has a field general.

One is on the attack.

His artillary is the long bomb.

The goal is to smash, dominate, squash, and control the line,

until the opposition is defeated.

And the strong emerges victorious.

Last night, we went two stepping.

We danced until midnight until the full moon hung high.

We found respite from our day and diversion from our cares.

The neon signs blast out their garrish glare,

as the women twirl and the men glide,

counter clockwise around the worn dance floor,

each with their unique twist of the neck,

each with their special dance face on.

Most of the women, if not all of them, smile.

And they are big smiles.

Some of the men look like they are doing serious work.

Some just look cooly nonchalant.

The room brims with big open faces,

Eyes twinkle.

Foreheads shine

During these important times,

where the fate of the species is literally at stake,

there are many many ways to forget the cares of the day

and the grind of our working hours.

One, is a cultural pageant that reinforces almost everything that

we must transcend,

Dichotomy, borders, violence, aggression, and possession.

The other, the dance, is as old as the tribe itself.

It fosters cooperation, and communion,

and its synthetic dynamic movement is often healing.

One is a duel.

The other.

A duet.

The duel will be on National TV.

I might turn it on,

just to see who's winning.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice!! I can't believe that I have lived in Texas for 29 years and never went two stepping.

I went contra dancing last spring. It was fun in a queer sort of way.

2:10 PM  

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