Saturday, September 16, 2006

Weekend Energy

This weekend, perhaps 150 thousand or more music lovers

will come to the shores of our town lake

and they will brave heat, humidity, and difficulties in transportation,

and they will sit in their chairs that they haul, or lounge on blankets,

or just stand, as they move to the rhythms and flow

offered by six gigantic stages, and a hot tent.

This is no normal flow of folks.

These are gigantic waves of people like you see at a football stadium,

but there is no stadium.

This is the fifth year of this thing, and thank goodness,

the temperatures this year will not even get close

to the brain numbing, dust creating 108 degrees of last year.

This is Pop Music on Steroids.

The Stages are simply huge.

The lights and the sound are power pounders.

As you walk from the sound range of one into the next,

there is a remarkably small area of "no mans land" cacophony.

It all works pretty well.

Years ago, I promoted some rock and roll shows.

At one, someone got bit by a Rattlesnake.

We didn't have enough portapotties, or enough cover, or enough anything.

But we had soul. (at least we thought we did)

But that was early in the maturity cycle of pop music,

and these are most definitely different times.

I guess we could have asked AT & T to sponsor

our stage back then, but they probably would have asked us

what we were smoking. (none of their business)

Last night, the soul was in the hot tent.

We danced and moved as the African band played their style

flawlessly and soulfully,

as if they were in it for the art or perhaps for the pure joy of it.

The sweat, the dust, the slight wiff of pot reminded me of years before.

I wondered how many of these people know about the realities

of Resource Depletion and Climate Change.

I wondered how many of these people understand

that their culture is married to an unsavory, lie to your face

oil junkie,

who won't stop hitting up and who won't stop stealing.

If we could take this human energy, this weekend energy

and the emotional energy of last weeks football extravanganza,

and direct it towards the real problems that face us,

We would be on the road to a sustainable and prosperous future

by Tuesday

There is a sustainable fair next weekend.

And it will be large for such things.

Perhaps 10,000 will come to it.

It's a start, for a beginning, to an end.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gone green, as in stopping the daily newspaper delivery, so I hope the date and time of the sustainability fair gets mentioned here.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it that these concert all seem to be meaningless. It must have soemthing to do with being more and more of a hermit. I don't like crowds and loud music. In Africa the drums had meaning here they seem to be just so much noise. Rain has more meaning here.

5:47 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

Date and info is in the link, but its this coming weekend.

8:51 AM  

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