Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Fall Tide

Last weekend, we managed to get down to the coast.

It's always a great sense of relief to be on the Ferry

powering with the other boats and trucks across

the heavily dolphin populated shipping channel.

I love listening to the sound of the water and the birds,

and the wind.

And I can sit for hours and hours in my little condo of cheap umbrellas,

with those modern chairs that you can actually sleep on

without every limb in your body taking a long nap as you try.

The little antique hotel has no phones, no tv, no clock radios,

but it does have a good wireless signal in all the rooms and

across the great long front porch of parked rocking chairs.

For many years now, I have gone to the same mile marker on the beach.

That way, I know that section of the beach pretty well.

And I have been watching it closely for over 20 years.

I mark the tides and watch the moon, trying to predict the highs

and lows without the help of the fishing almanacs.

This weekend we had a full moon, so we had a spring tide,

which has nothing to do with the season.

It is the result of the moon and the sun pulling on the waters

in unison.

After a fine bright, warm day in a slightly chilly sea breeze,

We went back to our antique hotel and sat on the front porch.

The full moon rose as the sun slipped below the earth.

Later we walked to our favorite place for dinner on the Marina.

I guess we left a little after eleven, maybe 11:11.

We walked out and made a right onto the parking lot,

and then we saw it.

There was a small stream of water running onto the parking lot.

It looked like maybe a water line had broken.

We walked over and looked around the dumpster

so we could see around the corner of the restaurant.

It was like the beginning of a horror movie.

This was no broken pipe spewing onto the pavement.

It was the Bay, with the full force of the ocean behind it.

I looked up and saw the moon almost directly overhead.

An employee happened to come out to see the growing current.

"My God!" she says as she ran back to show another employee.

In 30 seconds, the water reversed and it quickly ran back into the bay.

We had witnessed the peak of the Spring tide.

I also had that strange feeling that this was a beginning

of something that we will all soon be knowing.

During the day while walking on the beach, I remarked often

that the beach erosion had accelerated over the last 2 years.

In the last 20 years, the oceans have risen 10 centimeters.(4 inches)

And I can see it.

Just like I saw it Saturday night after dinner.

A Fall Tide is due today.

I hope it will run deep

and flow over these sands of ignorance,

and wash them away into the bay of obscurity,

taking their roots of our despair,

leaving a small washed spot of hope.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man withthe burning pants will at some point have to pay attention to all this but by then he will be out of the leadership role and some other dufus will be riding the front horse leading the USA into the water.

4:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your posts.

Liked your trip to the beach.

Time to look around and see the good.

9:17 AM  

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