Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Reversal

When someone asked me if I was happy about the results

of the election, I told them,

This was not so much an election,

as it was a national IQ test.

And thankfully, we passed.

With Allen's concession this afternoon,

it is official.

The Dems have won both houses.

But not only are we happy,

the World is happy.

Here is an editorial from the Liberation:

"It's a fable from the Gospels: he who sinned by the sword will perish by the sword. Rumsfeld, who, more than any other, imagined and conducted the war in Iraq, has paid with his position for the impasse into which this war has placed the United States.

Drawing the conclusions from the repudiation of his Iraqi policy, Bush has parted from his accomplice. The successor he's found for him is certainly no dove. But he is participating in a much-touted bipartisan committee under the leadership of former secretary of state James Baker and charged with imagining "another policy" for Iraq.

In nominating him, Bush has not punted, on the contrary: he is clearly aiming for the center of the political field where his successor's election will play out. Even if the neo-conservative right, beginning with Vice President Cheney, maintains its hold on the levers in Washington, it is the big loser in the election.

The Iraq quagmire remains unchanged.

It will not be simple to dig out of.

A poll shows that the majority of voters favor at least a partial withdrawal of American troops.

That will be the task for Rumsfeld's successor: to find a way to execute this withdrawal, now inevitable, that does not result in additional disaster for the Iraqi populations ... and, above all, in a cruel humiliation for his own country.

Bush's descent into Hell has only just begun."

And others will begin to fall too. For example, UN ambassador Bolton's recess appointment will make his permanent confirmation unlikely.

As for people moving up, there are going to be some fine chairs in this new congress,

Like John Dingell.

And John Conyers.

And Henry Waxman.

And for the first time in the history of the US,

A woman is third in line to be president.

Yes, for sure, I tend to agree with J who thinks the D's are just

as married to the Corporatcracy as the Rs,

And they are.

But the Perfect should not become the enemy of the Good.

And passing an IQ test is a good thing.

I even put on a blue shirt today.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of an intelligence test. We passed - barely.

Your entries have been great. As always, thanks for keeping me informed.

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