Friday, December 08, 2006

Food Chains

Here is another nail in our collective coffin:

Warmed-up oceans reduce key food link
AP Science Writer
Wed Dec 6,2006

WASHINGTON - In a "sneak peak" revealing a grim side effect of future warmer seas, new NASA satellite data find that the vital base of the ocean food web shrinks when the world's seas get hotter.

And that discovery has scientists worried about how much food marine life will have as global warming progresses.

The data show a significant link between warmer water — either from the El Nino weather phenomenon or global warming — and reduced production of phytoplankton of the world's oceans, according to a study in Thursday's journal Nature.

Phytoplankton are the microscopic plant life that zooplankton and other marine animals eat, essentially the grain crop of the world's oceans.

Study lead author Michael Behrenfeld, a biological oceanographer at Oregon State University, said Wednesday that the recent dramatic drop in phytoplankton production in much of the world's oceans is a "sneak peak of how ocean biology" will respond later in the century with global warming.

"Everything else up the food web is going to be impacted," said oceanographer Scott Doney of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute." more

Everything else up on the food chain?

That would be us.

Dr. Glen Barry has some thoughts on the food chain issue here.

Meanwhile, in a spectacle of ignorance, perhaps seen only in Nero's day, Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma held his last climate change bash in his last week as chair of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee.

Perhaps some day the Senator will have his pants sued down to his ankles and he will be assigned to helping the victims of this so called "hoax" as he leaves the steps of the Oklahoma City bankruptcy court.

But why blame Inhofe you say?

He is not at the top of the Disinformation Food Chain,

He is just representing his donors.

Exxon spends millions to cast doubt on warming
The Independent
By Andrew Buncombe in Washington and Stephen Castle in Brussels
Published: 07 December 2006

The world's largest energy company is still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund European organisations that seek to cast doubt on the scientific consensus on global warming and undermine support for legislation to curb emission of greenhouse gases.

Data collated by a Brussels-based watchdog reveals that ExxonMobil has put money into projects that criticise the Kyoto treaty and question the findings of scientific groups. Environmental campaigners say Texas-based Exxon is trying to influence opinion-makers in Brussels because Europe - rather than the US - is the driving force for action on climate change.
"ExxonMobil invests significant amounts in letting think-tanks, seemingly respectable sources, sow doubts about the need for EU governments to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Olivier Hoedeman, of the Corporate Europe Observatory.

"Covert funding for climate sceptics is deeply hypocritical because ExxonMobil spends major sums on advertising to present itself as an environmentally responsible company." more

Exxon, and their like, feed on our dollars as we fuel our vehicles.

The big difference though, is that in the fuel Food Chain,

we can choose to feed some other leviathon instead.

So, if I EVER STOP at an Exxon/Mobil again,

just shoot me.

No, on second thought,

just go on and raise your trophic level

and eat me.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell who wrote this, Susan or Mike, from the style alone. It has a bittersweet humor to it.
I am showing "The Inconvenient Truth" here at my retirement residence, RBJ Tower, 21 Waller St. next Saturday, Dec. 16.
Any Austin readers are welcome to attend. It's at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room. I fear that this is not the kind of film one wants to watch alone.
512-517-3162 to rsvp or get directions

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food chain. There is the part that is provided by the chemical companies, the Monsantos and Cargils of the world who genetical alter seeds and invented trans fat and other wonderful things ro make life better. Transfat inhibits natural insulin from entering cells so we have a epidemic od Diabetes 2. And there is that diabolic MGS which occures naturally and was widely used by ancient Chinese but now is syntheticaly produced and it works on your brain to fool it into thinking the Purina People Chow is better than it is.

But let me add that Frito Pie from the concession datnd at the football game with the plastic cheese Whiz, Wolf Brand Chili and 6,000 grams of salt is a delight to injest with the a big old diet Dr. Pecker drink to wash it down, yum yum. That Dr. Pecker leaves an after taste of metal in your craw. and forces you to need a drink if that $1.85 water or the instant ice tea which is as evil tasting as the Dr. Pecker. But as a good Merickan I indulge myself.

The Exxon people are spending great amounts of dinero on ads that show them to be wonderful stewards of the planet. BP does the same. All part of the Himmleresque method of dumbing us down.

9:50 AM  

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