Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sea of Light

After four days of rain for us,

and well over a week of rain for those on the island,

we saw our first sunset last night.

Earlier though, we had spent time out on the reef.

The ocean that lays before us from our picture windows,

is still and rather tranquil.

But just about a mile out, the waves are breaking over the reef.

Our guide picked us up right from our dock,

so we didn't have to drive on the rain soaked, crater marked roads.

Like any great ocean reef,

the fish and the flora here are simply eye popping.

The five foot nurse sharks and the manta rays, and the small sting rays,

are a natural part of the environment,

not something to fear.

The waving of the plants in the active and turbulent currents,

are simply mesmerizing.

The colors are bright and vivid.

But the bad news is this.

This reef, like almost all reefs in the world,

is in trouble.

You can see the distress and the unhealthiness.

As we moved from one part of the reef, across the channel opening,

the reef became even more distressed, beginning to look like a


The oceans are not only warming, they are becoming slightly more acidic

as they continue to absorb the carbon from our cars and power plants.

Losing these reefs will change where the waves break,

and the calm lake in our beach view

will become more like normal surf.

The sea walls are not designed for that.

Neither are they designed for a change of ocean level

as the oceans expand from thermal expansion and glacier melt.

Late last night,

we walked out onto our dock that stretches out into the tranquil sea,

and we saw our first stars.

Above us was a patch of sky with Orion's Belt directly overhead.

Then I stepped on the wood step that led down from the dock.

Suddenly, the steps below me lit with a universe of stars.

I stepped again.

Again it lit.

Over and Over.

As our eyes became more accustomed to the dark,

we saw that the entire sea was full of these light emitting critters.

As we walked back down the dock,

each step brought a constellation of light in the sea below us.

Like the stars in the sky,

we were surrounded by a Sea of Light.

We are always surrounded by this Sea.

Sometimes I forget it though.

Last night, We could not.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having fun, good for you Oz! Too bad the consequences of global warming are apparent in such a tranquil place.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy while you can it will soon be a thing of the past and available on CD or DVD at the local market.

7:52 PM  

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