Monday, December 25, 2006

The There There

Andrew Davidhazy

The following is the last part of a new book.

"It is our Natural Condition to be transcendent, for we are all transcendent beings.

And, it takes a lot of meta-programming to convince us that we are not.

Yet, I know that each of us are light emitting creatures with energy forms that are capable of the most wondrous acts of creation and purpose.

Through our understanding of the door of the eternal moment, and of the fields of light, we can find our true nature.

Through our alignment within the cosmos and the sky itself, we can find our true place.

Through our understanding of the power of our mind and our process of naming, we can judiciously apply our powers of judgment and discrimination.

As creatures of light, we realize ourselves capable only of seeing ourselves, as long as we hold onto a self that is limited and disintegrated.

Through the embracing of our true being, we can find our natural state and we then can believe a new dream, a new creation, and a new state of being.

For when we do, we arrive to a bright world of spirit, of the soul, and of the creation itself, where, with our own unique dream, we begin to work in this world of light from the center of our newly realized and connected heartmind.

We find in the fullness of this state, that the great mystery of time itself wraps it shimmering blanket into each moment and over each day.

We know that to try to pierce its shroud, is as foolish as writing on the wind.

But mostly, when we look deeper and deeper into ourselves.

We begin to see and to feel that there is no there, there.

We are a bundle of light and energy and thoughts and of memory.

We are a mystery within a miracle.

And we are truly one.

That is the there that is there."

Feliz Navidad from Wirikuta.


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