Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Mouse that Roars

I watched Dennis Kucinich today. (watch this)

This is really pretty good.

The principles he embraces,

and the promise, even the statement,

that he would replace the department of defense, (war)

with a Department of Peace and Nonviolence,

was enough to bring a tear to my eye as I watched.

Now, I know he looks like a mouse.

And I know that we all know that he has no chance to win.

If he did have a chance,

he would probably find himself in a plane that was short a rudder.

The Military Industrial Complex does not take kindly to those

who would make genuine peace.

Towards the end of this speech,

Everyone gets quiet and that magic that happens,

when magic happens, happened.

I wouldn't mind a president that looked like a mouse.

Not when it roars with the truth.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

me too. I don't care what color or shape a person is; Kucinich would be great. but I AM supporting John Edwards. go to Daily Kos just for fun for the straw poll.

10:45 AM  

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