Friday, January 05, 2007

Place and Space

The drive back from the mountains was long and hard.

A storm system was moving from the southwest,

to the northeast.

As we came over the mountain pass south of Saltillo,

we saw clouds hanging on the next line of mountains

on the next pass as we headed east for Monterrey.

It was as if we were in a airliner descending into the clouds.

Soon, we were engulfed by a dense fog on the winding pass.

As we creeped into Monterrey, we finally got below the cloud,

but now found ourselves in a constant and sometimes heavy rain.

Over the next eight hours we would drive with the storm

as we crossed five states and two nations,

while descending on the crust of the earth by a mile and a half.

The storm did not recognize these arbitrary boundaries,

But we were obliged to dutifully take our place in the lines

that divide us, and separate us, and bring us to the foolishness

that provides the foundations for our sense of place,

and the wars we embrace to defend that sense.

However, as humankind evolves,

both psychologically and technologically,

we begin to create a new sense of place.

That sense of place is not based on geography.

Rather, it is a social space.

Someone mentioned to me other day how interesting it is,

that we often ask, when visiting on our cell phones,

"where are you, what are you doing?"

With those words and that understanding,

our minds create the place and the space,

for the social space we are inhabiting.

As more and more of us live in this non-geographic social space,

and fewer and fewer of us live only in geographic space,

and the lines between the two become more and more blurred,

we will see and understand that the nation state space

that we think we love, and need to defend,

is only a chimera.

For our place is the whole earth.

And our space is as large as our minds,

and as full as our hearts.



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