Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Day of the Heart

In a Galaxy not so terribly far away.

The People of the Sun are simple yet they are not. Their understanding of the world is full. They live in small communities on the land in balance with the forces of nature around them. The Pact is the essential element of their social and spiritual lives. Most Pacts have 100 to 200 elder guides and childpersons. Theta 3, the Pact where Lily communes, is on the east banks of the Lake of Time, in the Valley of Memories. There are many Pacts in this Valley. There is Alpha 9 towards the rising sun, and Beta 7 towards the point star of the turning. There are many other Pacts in the Valley and many Valleys.

They practice the Way of Living that was given to them by the Ray which brought them from the Tombs. This Way was simple yet profound, uncomplicated, and wise. Each pact is self sufficient. Nourishment comes from garden domes where livingwater and earthfood is delivered by automated system routines with the helpful watchfulness of the elderguides of nourishment. They manage all the gifts of earth.

The Way of Living provides all things for the PACT. The energy to power their communicators and helpmates comes only from the Sun. Crystals are made by the elderguides of worklight that transform the warmth of the sun into a doingforce. The technology is very old and was found even in the Days of Darkness. The use of crystals for communication, calculation, and work force is the way of the People of the Sun.

The Sun People live in houses that are soft and flowing. Their life graces the earth. Their life abodes are warm during lowsun and cool during the season of highsun. Their surfaces change like the light lizard. They invite the warmth of the sun or they ask it away. When it is very cold, the people of the Sun wear their lowsun suits of skin. They are very light yet very warm. When the sun is high, they wear their suits of cooling. These living fabrics of color and touch are more like the living skin of their bearers.

The Way of Life was a meaningful collage of mindwork, musetime, and bodymovement. Even though there is always work to be done, much is given by the cyborgs. These devices and cybersoids provide all of the food, water, and production needed for the Pact. But bodymovement is considered part of the earthlife and many elderguides choose to work in the fields with the cybersoids.

Some Elderguides roam about the Valley adopting a carerange where they work with the earth to make the natural earthscape its most beautiful. By moving a boulder here, transplanting a tree there, or planting a garden at the foot of a spirit place, the elderguides of the earth slowly and surely had turned the whole of the valley into a garden of beauty and balance.

The People of the Sun brought the Sky to the Earth. Unlike the trees that, like stitches, hold the earth and the sky together, the People were like its messengers, its bees, that allowed the earth and the sky to talk, to move, and to share their abundance.

Many of The People commune with nature and its life. These Elderguides of Earth talk to the bees, the flowers and the friends of the people who are not human. They understand the cry of the wolf, the moan of the cattle, and the bleating of the goat. Often birds follow them through the valley forest and rest upon their shoulders. They charm the smallest flying life and convince the largest bear that this is not the time for either of them to pass.

The Elderguides of Mater work on their communicators and computators to further the knowledge of the people. They know much of the stars and the heavens and they know much of the smallest things. They build with tiny robots substance from the level of the smallest thing. The fabrics for their life abodes, their tools, their crystals are made from the smallest of the smallest. The elderguides of mater were known for their understanding of all things both great and small.

The Life of the Pact was blessed. The Time of Darkness could be remembered in story only by the Elderguide of Memories.
He was the seventh elderguide since the Tombs. "

Excerpts from Day of the Heart.



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