Thursday, March 01, 2007

Learning to Fly

"What's the matter baby?"

I looked over at Jeanelle.

"Why, aren't you happy?"

"Yes, I am happy", I said.

"You have that funny look that you have when you aren't that happy."

"I am, I'm just not that happy."

I had been in the advanced R and D section of my company for over a decade. And, I can say with a straight face, that I really didn't know anyone who knew more than I did about dang near everything energy. I watched the development of nano based power paints out of a dozen different labs. I knew about the rectennae possibilities that would totally revolutionize the whole world of photovoltaics. I had worked on advanced emaser type devices that were capable of creating precise mirages in the sky that would allow for the cooling of our over-heated cities and at the same time, provide intense solar fluxes for the solar fields that were sited just outside of the cooling zones. I talked worldwide about a world running on light and not carbon.

I had followed the development of ceramic based ultra capacitors and thin film capacitors. I was the first to implement these devices into our solid state utility.

I had fostered the development of the now ubiquitous plug in hybrid car.

I had followed the development of heliohydrogen using man made spheres and slightly altered little bugs. We had been the first to use these little bugs to power our turbines.

I had led the development of a new advanced combined cycle gas/hydrogen turbine that could be used to back up our large fleet of wind turbines and our growing central station solar plants.

I had developed the most advanced solar/electric/ unified energy system in the country, and I was generally recognized as a world leader in the field.

And then I saw it.

A team of researchers from Ireland had proved it beyond a doubt.

Their new generator didn't work on light.

It worked on the spaces in between.

And the Energy that we could tap from it was unlimited.

"I should have seen it coming"

"But baby, you can't see it, its invisible"

"I know."

"You should be estatic", said Jeanelle, "Humankind can now travel the stars and use unlimited amounts of pollution free power. We will be able to arrest climate change in its tracks and the oil wars will end.

We will be like Gods."

"I know"

"You still have that look on your face."

"I know"

I looked out the window and saw some blackbirds light on the electric wire.

They chatted with each other a little before deciding which way to fly.

I thought about joining them.

But then, I would have to learn to fly.

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