Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Purloined Post

I intercepted this message earlier today through my new special spy program that allows me to invade any computer anywhere in the world through the MS back door that most of you don't know about. I found this post on a secret password protected blog called "Operation Neptune".


Dear Jim and Al and the rest,

Well we did it.

Except for that old Okie from Muskogee, and a few others who we have now pretty much been marginalized, no one knows the better.

I must admit, when we hatched this plan back in the mid seventies, it seemed like the likelyhood of its success was pretty remote. But I got to hand it to Jimmy and his people, they knew what it would take to really make things change. I guess after being in his position and seeing what happened to his credibility, you get pretty hard core if you want to really get something done.

I was most impressed with the way we managed to subvert the UN process and bring on our own people to control it. It's amazing how 1500 respectable scientific plants can change the direction of science. The Academy was a little harder, but it's true, you can never underestimate the power of strong leadership over timid academics.

Of course, our ability to get the instrumentation manufacturers to change their calibrations was much easier to accomplish once we realized that there were only two of them. Getting one of us in each of those companies was much easier than it should have been.

On the other hand, it does help to have a plan that has a 30 year implementation period. A lot of deep work can get done in that time.

I was a little nervous when that movie on Channel 4 came out showing that CO2 actually followed temperature in the historic record and that the warming is actually caused by the sun itself, but thank goodness the director that they chose was the same nut who fell in with the breast implants are good for you hoax.

Everyone handled that little problem well by pointing out what we were really showing in Al's graph was the interrelationship of the two.

Sometimes I lay in my bed thinking about what we have done. Is it wrong to foist such a hoax on the world ?

The answers I come up with are unequivocal.

Absolutely not.

The world would never move from carbon using markets alone. All of our economists agreed. The markets simply would not have been able to respond to the resource depletion issue in time. We needed a stronger, much more fearful issue to get the attention of the general public. .

Clearly the momentum is on our side now.

I expect we will see carbon legislation in the last two bastions of sceptisicm, the US and Australia in the next year. Hopefully, we will be able to get the price of carbon emmisions into the actual price of the product. That will jet start the solar industry and accelerate the wind industry up to light speed.

Except for a few upstarts, we now have our people in control of the most important companies in those industries. I was please to see that 8 out of 12 of our companies got the really big money in the recent DOE solar initiative program.

Our group just put in an offer on those islands to the south of our campaign headquarters. Since everyone thinks that the sea is going to rise, the price has come down pretty dramaticly.

We can buy back the coast lines once the plan gets to its final stages, and real estate values take their drop too.

I would have never imagined that I would have spent the most of my life promoting a hoax in order to create such a great common good as a truly sustainable, renewable, and peaceful world, but then again our competition has been pretty good with the "fear of other peoples" hoax now for several thousand years.

It was about time we learned a lesson from them, and that they got a dose of their own medicine from us.

Great Job everyone.

Presuming our people can keep "George the Lesser" from blowing us all up, we may have actually succeeded in averting a global disaster.

Commandante Paz

Operation Neptune

April 1, 2007



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