Saturday, April 28, 2007

Real Know How

There is a new report from the IPCC which says that we can deal with the climate change issue.

UN: we have the money and know-how to stop global warming
The Guardian
April 28, 2007
David Adam

Global climate change experts will this week lay out a detailed plan to save the planet from the catastrophic effects of rising temperatures. Climate change could be stopped in its tracks using existing technology, but only if politicians do more to force businesses and individuals to take action.

The UN study will conclude that mankind has the knowhow to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 26bn tonnes by 2030 - more than enough to limit the expected temperature rise across the planet to 2-3C.

Such a move would cost the world economy billions of pounds over the next two decades, but this could be recouped by savings due to the health benefits of lower levels of air pollution.

Cheaper solutions could bring down emissions to 1990 levels, but that would still see average temperatures rise by as much as 4C this century, with devastating consequences for wildlife, agriculture and the availability of water.


The report, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), will say a range of measures can be introduced across the energy supply, transport, buildings, agriculture and forestry, industry and waste sectors. The best way to limit future emissions is to focus on clean development in developing countries. more

That's right.

Now that the "developed world" has screwed the pooch,

The "developing countries" should focus on clean development.

It's the same mentality that blames the Iraqi's for not getting it together,

after we have smashed their state, their institutions, and

denationalized their oil.

And don't be hypnotized by the blather of our politicians.

This war was a disaster when we started it,

Not just because we can't seem to win it.

The war against climate change,

This epic struggle to right the environment,

will also be lost as we start it,

if we don't deal with the real issue here.

And that issue is this crazy notion that we can put our waste

into the air and the atmosphere,

for free.

As long as that notion survives,

We, as a civilization, may not.

As long as we allow carbon to be placed into our biosphere,

without a significant charge to the emitter,

we will not see real solutions emerge.

The other day, while at an energy policy retreat,

I offered that humankind should be moving at light speed



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