Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Hate Makers

Tim Flannery is an internationally acclaimed writer, scientist and explorer. As a field zoologist he discovered and named more than thirty new species of mammals, including two tree-kangaroos. Sir David Attenborough described him as being ‘in the league of the all-time great explorers like Dr David Livingstone’. His latest book, The Weather Makers: Our changing climate and what it means for life on earth , is published in paperback by Penguin.

He recently published this piece in the Times Online

Ten predictions about climate change that have come true

Here are the hard facts about global warming that everyone should know,

1) That the Earth would warm as more CO2 was put into the atmosphere (Svante Arrhenius in 1893)
2) That we'd begin to see noticable changes to Earth's climate by around 2000 (some IPCC scientists ).
3) That sea-level would start rising
4) That Earth's Ice would start melting rapidly (James Hanson)
5) That hurricanes would increase in intensity (this one goes back to Alfred Russel Wallace in 1900)
6) That species would start going extinct as a result of climate change.
7) That Australia would start drying out (Hadley Centre scientists)
8) That tropical diseases would increase
9) That food crops would be adversely affected
10) That the CO2 would begin to acidify the ocean more

As amazing as these observations are, what is more amazing are the comments. Sure, Exxon is probably paying folks to do this now, but some of these comments are very revealing. Take the very first one...

"Is it getting warmer? We were told in school that 20,000 years ago New Jersey was covered by ice a mile high. When the colonists arrived in the 1600s it was gone. So did the Native Americans cause it to disappear hunting the buffalo and deer from their SUVs? I figure I'll need the oceans to rise about 66 feet before I can finally have a beachfront home. Time to buy a bigger SUV.

It's fun to watch the Euros and tree huggers in the USA getting their panties tied up in a knot. We're talking about 0.6c over the last 150 years. It comes down to the same old song, people who believe in this garbage want to tell you how to live your life. They are the ultimate control freaks who have looked around at their own pathetic lives and are envious of those enjoying themselves.

They should go back to staring at the sky and worrying about some large comet striking earth, at least they would do much less harm to the rest of us who enjoy living. "
John, Washington Twp., USA/NJ

Now whether or not Mr. Washington (or is it Mr. Twp) actually exists in reality or only in the mind of the creative author who knows?

But look at the emotion here and the lack of intellectual honesty.

Those who believe in the science of climate change have pathetic lives. They are jealous of others. And they wish to take the freedoms that others enjoy away from them.

The language style is a Bill O Reilly form of personal insult and fear.

Towards the end of this remarkable display of ignorance and insult, another commenter wrote:

"The time has come to discontinue arguing over the causes of global warming - i.e. whether man-caused or a natural phenomenon - and to advise people in every region on earth how to deal with the present changes and predicted future ones. We need to know where it is safest to live, likely future food shortages, and precisely how man can counteract rises in sea levels and dam the worst coastal danger-points around the world. Gillian Green, Varen, France

The far right has made their living skewing human consciousness towards our lower centers of hate and separation over the last few decades. Fascists have been doing it since the beginning of mass communication.

They are the Hate Makers

It has made them money and it has given them power.

No wonder so many of them don't believe in evolution.

They don't get to see very much of it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comedian, I think her name is Kathy Griffin says Colter always looks like she wears clothes from the evening before and stepped out of an 80's Rober Palmer video - "Addicted to Love!" Griffin exclaims, "Ann - we're in the next century!"

I think this dialogue is best left to the comedians. The more we make light of it and move on to do the work we all know we need to do, the more it will be made "irrelevant."

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the poster! Perfect!

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Making light of their words is not to fail to recognize that the speach is intended to be hateful, harmful, hurtful - as much as are the bullets from their guns. Don Imus was fired for his hate speach. We should be so lucky as to have the same result from theirs. Anyone who, as in the YouTube clip can attack someone over the loss of a child reveals themself psychopathic, having no regard for human life or feelings.

We know who and what these people are. How they have betrayed us all on every single issue imaginable. We know what they are made of. It has taken a long time for many to come to see them for what they are, but the country and the world sees them clearly now.

They are dinosaurs from another time. The need to operate in a different way is clear. The need to work from compassion, respect, inspiration, cooperation and with creativity going forward is known.

Humor and a light heart is our best allie.

In this way, their words and deeds are disolved into irrelevance, without our emotional energy. We don't need to fight them.

10:56 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

thanks for the comments TKR, as a master once said, with the infinitely gross one must be infinitely sublime.

10:02 PM  

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