Friday, June 22, 2007

Triangular Transformation

Here is a good one from last summer.

*transforming triangles

When I first started this blog,

I had perhaps three major premises.

One, was the idea that we must all begin to understand the truth

of our situation.

And that truth is that Climate Change and Resource Depletion

are real.

And they are coming to a theatre close to you soon.

Over the last 20 months or so,

I have published and created a chronologue

of the news of these two planetary forcing issues

as they have more or less moved from the minds and mouths

of the early adopters among us

to the ears and minds of those in the middle of the bell curve.

Al Gore and the InterAcademy of Sciences

are claiming more and more of that ground daily.

As for the Peak Oil meme, we hear it from Oil Men like Boone Pickens,

and even the President's best friend isn't afraid to say it like it is.

However, it's one thing to bring these memes to consciousness,

It's quite another to begin to respond and act appropriately.

Most of us haven't done that.

We haven't done it in our family planning or our business planning.

In my opinion, these issues transcend political parties and nationalism.

I cringe when I hear well meaning liberals speak of

"Energy Independence".

What wouldn't these left wing nationalists condone to accomplish this?

Some condone the present resource wars.

I cannot seriously adopt this energy position.

It flies in the face of the global climate issue and the global resource issue.

It is nationalistic folly.

The second (but equal) premise was one of a new global communion

that we now share with our advanced communication devices.

I marvel at the growth of our connectedness.

Through the blogs, through Craig's list, through You Tube, through Google,

we are being connected like never before.

If it were not for the mind shaping repetitious mantra of nationalism

through our media,

many of us might just inadvertantly forget who "they say we are",

and instead simply meld into "who and what we have become",

An Earthfamily.

Someday, and probably not too long from now,

Google or Apple or some other major internet presence

will capitalize on this, and a corpus of earthfamilies will emerge

that will provide us health, and transportation, and housing,

and advanced communication and computing.

As the mast head of earthfamilyalpha says,

"These new cybercoops or cyberstates will bring humankind

to higher levels of cooperation and understanding."

These giant coops or cyberstates will begin to replace

the giant multinational corporations that have ruled the earth

for the last 70 years or so.

These new inventions of social contract will replace them

because we will all know in the "not too distant future",

that these corporate dinosaurs

and the institutions and governments that they controlled,


They failed to respond to Climate Change

They failed to see Peak Oil.

And they failed everyone except the elite and the near elite.

The third premise is this idea that this kind of social and institutional

rollover will bring about a quickening of the human spirit.

I believe that we will truly evolve in our thinking in the next twenty years,

like no one can imagine.

We are seeing the vestiges of a truly ugly consciousness as we endure

the hate and shallowness on Fox and the other right wing media fronts.

But equally, the left and its liberalism is also showing its hollow marrow.

Humankind will learn to embrace a consciousness that is nonviolent,

that is inclusive, that embraces art and music and beauty.

Humankind will learn to make healing an art,

and our art will be healing.

Food will be free.

Water will be clear once again.

We will not use our Air as a free waste dump.

Technologically speaking,

We will be light years away from our historic big fire burning ways.

Our homes and our towns will be powered by the light of our days.

We will walk through cool forest and urban gardens,

occasionally descending into the tubes below

where we transport ourselves at mach speeds anywhere on the spaceship

in a few hours, not days.

We will fly on the electromagnetic spectrum in both craft and image.

We will respect our ship and each other.

We will know that we know

only what we know,

"That this creation is a great mystery of space and time

and it is a gift to each of us

And we will treasure it daily.

And we will walk lightly.

And we will talk

of the old days,

when war was worshiped

and the earth was almost lost.


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