Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Act As If It Is

In case you haven't noticed.

It's raining. In July. Parks, and yards, and roadsides are verdant. Lake levels have gone from historically way down to flood stage. All five of the main basins in Texas are or have been at flood stage.

What's Happening?

Global warming really means that there is more energy in the system. That's the reason I always use the phrase Climage Change. More Energy means more heat, more storms, more evaporation, more wind, more everything...except stability.

So while California and the south east are suffering, we now have buckets of water. Same is true for Great Britain. And it's pretty extreme.

"Flood-ravaged Britain is suffering from a wholly new type of civil emergency, it is clear today: a disaster caused by 21st-century weather.

This weather is different from anything that has gone before. The floods it has caused, which have left more than a third of a million people without drinking water, nearly 50,000 people without power, thousands more people homeless and caused more than £2bn worth of damage - and are still not over - have no precedent in modern British history.

A new study tells why we can expect more.

Human activity changing global rains
Daily Telegraph
July 24, 2007

A STUDY has yielded the first confirmation that global warming is already affecting the world's rainfall patterns, bringing more precipitation to northern Europe, Canada and northern Russia but less to swathes of sub-Saharan Africa, southern India and Southeast Asia.

The changes "may have already had significant effects on ecosystems, agriculture and human regions that are sensitive to changes in precipitation, such as the Sahel'', warns the paper released today by Nature, the British science journal. Scientists have long said that global warming is bound to interfere with snow and rainfall patterns, because air and sea temperatures and sea-level atmospheric pressure - the underlying forces behind these patterns - are already changing.

But, until now, evidence that the interference was already happening existed anecdotally or in computer models, rather than from observation.

World climate system stimulated

One problem for researchers has been a lack of accurate, long-term rainfall data from around the world that would enable them to distinguish between regional or cyclical shifts in rainfall. Francis Zwiers, a scientists with Environment Canada, Toronto, found a way around these problems by using two data-sets of global rainfall pattern beginning, conservatively, in 1925 and ending in 1999.

They compared these figures with 14 powerful computer models that simulate the world's climate system and found a remarkably close fit.

Tropics drier

Over the 75-year period under study, global warming "contributed significantly'' to increases in precipitation in the northern hemisphere's mid-latitudes, a region between 40 and 70 degrees north, they say.

In contrast, the northern hemisphere's tropics and subtropics, a region spanning from the equator to 30 degrees latitude north, became drier. And the southern hemisphere's tropics (equator to 30 degrees latitude south) became wetter.

The study looked at annual average rainfall on the land, not at sea. In addition, it did not look at extreme weather events - episodes of drought and flooding - whose frequency and severity are also seen as likely to increase as a result of global warming.

The new study was carried out jointly by several national climate research institutes using their supercomputer climate models, including the Hadley Center of the UK MeT Office. The investigation will be published by Nature on Thursday. "

Last night, the Democrats were asked about climate change by a youtube snow ball.

It was kind of cute a guess,

Kind of like going up to Katrina flood victim in your pink flippers and mask asking how it feels to be homeless, jobless, and without your child.

When our leaders quit saying that Climate Change

is the most important issue facing humankind,

and instead act as if it is,

Maybe, just maybe, we'll see a real solution,

Like a climate change premium on the fuels

that are creating the problem.


They are still part of the problem.


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Blogger Glycotech said...

Yes a tax on gas is essential. Too bad the "progressives" aren't progressive on energy. Both Teddy Kennedy and Ralph Nader opposed Jimmy Carter's tax on gas, and i don't think they have changed. If we had put the fifty cent a gallon on way back in the seventies, tied to increases in gasoline prices, there would be money for roads and trains and the car would not look so attractive.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

Quite interesing, the weather. You will recall an article in Nature a few years ago about a study of denuding the rain forest and the effect it had on raindrops. Now here on the Nueches head waters it is raining an inch or so a day and the temperature didn't get above 75 yesterday and it is 66.5 right now at 6:10 AM and we are in July? And it is Texas? There was snow on the Gobi yesterday. I would say that everything is normal.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heavy downpour on the way home late last night.

Low water bridge flooded this morning.

Black and threatening here now - just starting to come down hard

And we don't think that there is a change in our climate.

Your work makes a difference.

9:16 AM  

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