Sunday, July 15, 2007

Circle the Sun

Here is an oldie from last year with a new neat video.

We truly live in an extraordinary time,

And with all of the commotions, it seems that

It is easy to get distracted, and hard to keep in mind the value of


as we view the differentiated reality of our days.

Without focus, reality become a whirling blur of light and shadow.

Without focus, we are unable to see the detail,

And without the detail, we cannot make out the big picture either.

If we observe our world, our culture, our political universe

With focus and clarity, an image emerges that is quite clear and profound.

We humans face real and credible threats to our survival.

With no respect to order of significance, my focus reveals that

We are Changing our Climate through the use of our atmosphere

as a free waste dump for our products of combustion.

We must face the issue of resource depletion in these fuels for combustion

but we also must face the decline of water in our aquifers and seas,

as well as the deterioration of our soils.

We have the unhealthy issue of the concentration of wealth and power

in the hands of a few hundred unenlightened corporations and oligarchs.

As unenlightened beings, they see only their division from the whole,

and the need to amass more wealth and influence.

We are evolving technologically,

but at faster rates than we are evolving in our minds.

We still believe that we are a Planet of Nations.

We still believe that we can use violence to make peace.

We still believe in the myth of competition

Instead of the healing nature of cooperation

We still believe that our God is superior to their God.

We still believe in a set of archaic mind forms that evolved

10,000 years ago.


We can elect Democrats

who will surely slow the rise of Fascist Fundamentalism.

We can learn to use electricity more wisely,

To drive less in vehicles that give more,

To grow our food locally when and where we can,

To make our cities a quilt of villages,

To make fuel from corn that surely belongs in a hungry mouth.

But this will not bring us peace,

Or a sustainable prosperity.

Of our body or our mind.


We must focus on the mind that has brought us to this moment.

We must give up our nations, our gods, our righteous ideas,

our sense of divine right.

We must clean up the table from the previous party,

And sup on new linen, and clean plates.

We must drink from new crystal

And joyously join our fellow sailors,

In this voyage, this adventure, this moment,

Into the mystery of time and the vastness of space.

Finding Focus in the void.

As we Circle the Sun.


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