Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Desert Rainbow

I was traveling all day yesterday, in the air and on the ground.

We are in an orange alert again, so lines are long. In all fairness though, most of the security people are pretty friendly and they genuinely try to enforce their bullshit rules with a certain sense of understanding.

Meanwhile, I got these videos in the mail from two friends. Two came from the Bay Area, the other two came from New Mexico.

Together, they've got a certain symmetry.

And here is James Brown and Pavarotti

And here is part of Robert Greenwald's Iraq for Sale film that the Republicans banned in congress

And here is a six year old girl who can sing over the rainbow as good as Judy Garland.

While on my recent trip to the mountains,

It occured to me that to be able to see a rainbow,

almost every day,

is as good a measure for the quality of your life,

as perhaps any other measure.

After all, if birds can fly over the rainbow.

Why can't we?
And if a rainbow can appear in the desert,



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