Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Change That Comes

Last Thursday, thanks to a friend and reader, I was the guest on a program called the The New Capital Show. The host was Leo Gold. Leo has hosted The New Capital Show on Houston 90.1 KPFT since 2002. (You can listen here)

Since its start, according to Leo’s bio on the site, the show has become very popular and has developed a following among people of a broad political spectrum who share a desire for positive change in the world.

Indeed the mission of the show could be earthfamilyalpha's.

Cover the world's critical issues.
Reform ideological foundations of flawed institutions.
Engage, provoke, and entertain listeners.
Excel in all three talk disciplines: monologue, interview, and call-in.
Set standards for integrity, honesty, intelligence, and civility.
Lead listeners to think, act and change for a better world.
Build a growing, dedicated, diverse, and interacting audience.

Towards the end of the interview, Leo asked me what advice, what one thing could I leave his audience with. I said something about efficiency and made a comment about the transportation sector and the need to reexamine the way we transport ourselves. I spoke about the need to build high speed rail and light rail. Then we ran out of time.

Earlier I had talked about how our world was soon to be going through a significant change, not unlike the change that occurred in World War I, when buggy whips were replaced by car keys.

I explained how humankind is on the brink of a great new horizon where fuel becomes as anachronistic as hay is today.

But, after listening to my reponse, I wish I would have said something like this.
"Leo, If I have one thing to tell your listeners it’s this:

Just do your best to understand the full implications of the great challenge that humankind is facing. If you do, you will see that everything must change.


Our economic system can no longer allow the externalization of costs onto other generations and other social groups. That means pollution must become part of the bottom line of any enterprise.
We must create a photonic energy web.

We must all become global citizens.

Social capital and natural capital must be valued over wealth.
We must rebuild our neighborhoods and communities,
That can ultimately tame the forces of anticommunity
We change our way of thinking.

Our way of judging,

To the change that has



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