Monday, August 27, 2007

Truly the Beginning

The News today will be full of Gonzo, having gone gonzo, going.

His replacement will perhaps be the wierd warmed over death figure

who not only was the architect of the Katrina response,

he was also the coauthor of the Patriot Act.

Yes, this story will be tackled from one end of the field

to the other.

Our Justice Department was being used for political purposes,

And there has been gambling in Las Vegas.

I am shocked.

So is Bobby Kennedy, and John Mitchell, and Ed Meese,

I watched the new Sacco and Vanzetti documentary last night.

Our Justice department was just as good then.

When we look with clear eyes, beyond the myth,

We see a country that has always been wild, reckless,

And on the move.

We see a country that is aggressive and ready to fight,

With our cousins from the neighboring state,

Or our ancestors from across the sea.

We see a country that uses freedom and justice,

As a cover for our inhumanity to ourselves and others.

We see a country that expounds democracy,

Yet has never managed to practice it.

We see a country that speaks of free enterprise,

Yet crushes it in the Wall of the Street.

We see a country that educates its young,

To pass tests, not to think past the test.

We see a country that spends more on war,

Than all the other countries combined.

We see a country that cannot see others,

Any better than it sees itself.

Yet, each of us, certainly many of us,

Are good, decent, reasonably thoughtful

Humanoids of likable character.

We roll through our days as if we are a pin ball.

We eat our food like any other domesticated animal.

We love our friends and hate our enemies.

We fly our flags and demand safe, secure borders,

Even as we wear our Chinese clothes and our Chinese shoes.

Yesterday, while resting and recharging at the Springs,

We wondered,

If this isn’t the end of the World?

Just why in the heck isn’t it?

Perhaps because in truth,

It is actually just the beginning.


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