Wednesday, October 03, 2007

As the New Rushes In

Yesterday, I was pleased to find two announcements that indeed looked like the kind of future that we should be seeing by now.

One is a new car, a really new car that actually looks like the future.

The other is a new kind of bike, and once again, it too looks like the future.

There are others of course, like Kaman's Segway, the two wheeled gyro device that eerily looks like Oat Willies vehicle.

And What about housing?

There is the beautiful, yet tiny micro house from Europe.

And there is this garden covered office building from Japan.

As I drove out to meet my lawyer this morning, I thought about how nice it would be to be able to travel on a fast train to the suburbs, like you can on the RER in France.

But then I thought about how surely we can evolve past the iron age into another age that truly reflects our most advanced technology and minds.

Surely we can develop new forms of publicly owned rapid transit or point to point transportation technologies. Or perhaps we should duplicate our own bodies, and run tubes through the middle of our now complete interstate system. We could then remove most of the trucks and free up even more transportation infrastructure.
I thought to myself:

Where is the future?

It is held hostage to the present.

It is held hostage to our investments,

and our stranded ideas.

To free ourselves from ourselves,

We must let go of these old ideas,

Our old technologies,

Our old ways.

We must give up who we are,

And allow what we can become

To rush in,

Like a sea of wind into a vacuum.

We can never change the world,

Until we are ready to let the old one go.

Forget about almost everything you hold dear.

Your car, your habits, your belief in the market.

Forget about your pledges to that flag or whatever.

Embrace your true home and your true nature.

Empty yourself of the old.

And you will become full,

As the new rushes in.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your words about the future and about changing the world are some of the most poetic and prophetic that I've heard. You are so absolutely right on target. I've been inspired by your writings for over a year now (your blog is my homepage). Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.

6:59 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

Thanks John, making earthfamilyalpha your home page is a super compliment in our blog world.

These are important times.

As we embark upon our epic journey that lies just around each bend, it seems to me that, although we should "travel light", each of us would do well to pack a liberated presence of mind, with several changes of enlightened courage of heart.

As Jerry Garcia said, "Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us."

9:16 AM  

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