Monday, November 19, 2007


I'm in the mountains, but David T. sent this on Sunday.

An Open Letter To President Bush

Mr. President:

I am sure that you will agree that in the aftermath of the start of the Iraq war it was a total embarrassment for this nation to have to expose to the world that your office was supplied with at best ‘flawed’ intelligence: hardly the way for this nation to stand confidently on the world’s stage and direct international affairs. Sadly I have to report to you that the same circumstance is arising in relation to what is commonly called ‘Global Warming’. There is no other issue that is so non-partisan because what is about to happen will impact every life in this country, irrespective of political affiliation or individual wealth, and also around the world. Further, there is no other issue that threatens the national security of this nation more, including Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan.

The IPCC has just released its fourth report and I note that Jim Connoughton states that there is, ‘no clear definition of the dangers of climate change’: let me help to clarify this on your behalf for Mr. Connoughton. Have someone check with NSIDC (after all this is a taxpayer-funded entity), regarding the scheduled disappearance of the Arctic Sea Ice: their current estimate is 2013-15 and quite frankly it could be anytime before these dates. This is not scientific theory but actual physical measurements in tandem with a trend line that points to the obvious and unequivocal conclusion. The IPCC report can in fact be largely ignored because it is based on dated data and inadequate science: matters in fact are much worse than portrayed, but then I digress.

Having established this simple fact Mr. Connoughton should then check the equally simple fact that when the sea ice disintegrates, even for a part of the year, civilization as we know it ends rather abruptly. The reason is again quite simple: the climate of the earth is dictated by this ice mass and once it is gone the climate will not be stable enough for mass agriculture. The consequence will be progressive mass starvation around the world. This fact can be confirmed throughout the entire breadth of peer-reviewed science: any dissention will only emanate from individual and extremely dubious sources.

Your good friend Prime Minister Howard should be able to confirm to you that Australia is currently being ravaged by drought as a mere precursor to the main event because the consequence of the accelerated disappearance of the sea ice is already being seen in crop failures all over the world: particularly in Australia. But then again the Governors of several southern states in the US can report to you directly that contrary to the headlines the droughts in their states are neither ‘one of the worst’, nor ‘hundred year’ events, but actually the worst since record keeping started in this country.

It is unfortunate, but for whatever reasons and there any several, the majority of the world has gradually developed a deep hatred for this country. In the aftermath of the disappearance of the sea ice, with the attendant consequences, that hatred will undoubtedly both multiply and intensify due entirely to the proportionate use of fossil fuels by the US, and its failure to respond to physical evidence of this looming catastrophe for literally billions of people around the world. The consequence to national security is patently obvious.

I fully realize that you are extremely occupied with what are considered more pressing matters on nation security and thus this letter may not reach your desk due entirely to some misguided person in the chain between you and me. I have therefore taken the liberty of copying this letter to: my Senators, Congressional Representative, the Speaker of the House, several leading media outlets, and I am sure it will travel far and wide on the Internet. A failure to elicit any structured and definitive response should be compensated by an Executive Order changing the expression ‘God Bless America’ to ‘God Help America’ as we await the revenge of literally billions around the world.

Yours sincerely as an extremely concerned citizen,

H. David Tattershall

Indeed, but since I am a transnationalist, I would have to amend that to "God Help the World", or as Respect is the Hub might say, "God Save the Halo".

But on the off chance that God is off creating some other earth in some distant galaxy, or that God wants us to work this out for ourselves, perhaps we should simply decide to not commit Halocide.


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Blogger a-muse-d said...

On Saturday, Dec. 8, come together to protest global warming at High Noon in Zilker Park. Demonstrate your concern--explore ways to counter it.

3:51 PM  
Blogger a-muse-d said...

No, I am not "inability to find public albums that exist". How this came about is a mystery but I did select an identy so I don't have to remain anon.
Remember, Saturday, Dec. 8, High Noon. Demonstration of concern about global warming.
Though my blogger name is a-muse-d I am saddened and alarmed at global warming and the dire consequences that come along with it.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

My question is how long will it be until we have to pay the piper? as I see it we lived in the best of times and somehow let those best of times wither away into world wide disaster. Our children will suffer greatly. I believe that what has transpired is no longer fixable.

3:54 AM  

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