Tuesday, November 27, 2007

President Edwards

As a transnationalist, I generally believe that our national democratic system is little more than a thin veneer of political respectability that hides the corporate domination that perches on the true seat of power.

That said however, elections and individuals do make a difference.

Another four years of Republican control would insure more war, more wealth distributed to the mega wealthy, and perhaps seal the loss of any opportunity for the geographic state of the United States to lead in the coming struggle against the loss of a stable climate or peacefully manage the economic challenges we face from the depletion of our non renewable resources.

I have been saying for many months that the only way that the Democrats can lose this next election is to nominate Clinton, and now a new interactive Zogby poll actually shows that Hillary is running behind most of the front running Rs.

An Edwards/Obama ticket would probably carry 40 states leaving the Republicans only a small region in the south to reign over.

I like the sound of President Edwards, it rings true to me. He is the only major antinuclear candidate, and he understands the real problems that lie ahead.

Decide for yourself.

But don't just send money,

Tell everyone that you know that a vote for Hillary,

is a vote for four more years of Republican control.




Blogger Charlie Loving said...

If Hillary is the Democrat then we are in even deeper doo doo than we are today. If the trouble we are now creates angst just wait. I would not be able to vote in the election unless by some magic Ron Paul would be nominated. He is as imperfect as you can get. An old geezer and a real flip flopper. But he does have some merit. All the gate signs out here in Deer Corn are for Ron Paul.

Edwards or Obama are my choices and so is Biden in a conservative way.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously believe him when he talks about change in the way we distribute the wealth in this country. But it was not til I heard Mudcat Sanders talk about how Edwards could actually win in many states where Hillary could not, that I took a second look.

5:44 PM  

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