Thursday, November 01, 2007

When the Wind Blows

While I was looking for something else, I found this today. It's well worth the watch. And here is part II and here is part III and here the plot thickens Watch the rest. Surely, the authorities will be here soon. HOME What it is About Earthfamily Principles Earthfamilyalpha Content III Earthfamilyalpha Content II Earthfamilyalpha Content Links LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is teriffic that you did a post on fear that is running this world. Not only the fear that is put out by the party line, but the fear that we all have as we see the things that we cherish begin to unravel. Hilda would often, in the end, talk about the hard times to come and that it is was our work to be strong in relationship to ourselves and our fellow manand not to panic. I t would be up to us to help calm those that were less strong. The Being Here post is what actually reminded me of Hilda and her teachings.

I thought that you would enjoy this eassay on fear from J. Krishnamurti. It was written March 28, 1986 during his last days.

Fear Is Nonacceptance of What Is

Fear finds various escapes. The common variety is indentification, is it not? --Identification with country, with society, and with an idea. Haven't you noticed how you respond when you see processions, a military procession or a relighious procession, or when the country is in danger of being invaded? You then identify yourself with the country, with a being, with an ideology. There are other times when you identify yourself with your child, with your wife, with a particular form of action, or inaction. Identification is a process of self-forgetfulness. So long as I am conscious of the "me" I know there is pain, there is struggle, there is constant fear. But if I can identify myself with something greater, with something worthwhile, with beauty, with life, with truth, with belief, with knowledge, at least temporarily, there is an escape from the "me," is there not? If I talk about "my country" I forget myself temporarily, do I not? If I can say something about God, I forget mself. If I can identify myself with my family, with a group, with a particular party, with a certain ideology, then there is a temporary escape.

Do we now know what fear is? Is it not the non-acceptance of What Is. We must understand the work acceptance. I am not using that word as meaning the effort made to accept. there is no question of accepting when I perceive What Is. When I do not see clearly What Is , then I bring in the process of aacceptance.

Then, fear is the nonacceptance of What Is.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure for me to introduce you all the readers in my country. All the people who already read your poems are looking for the rest of them. So, happy birthday in Turkey!!!

Defne Bilir

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