Friday, December 14, 2007

It's the Season

My goodness , it's been a good week for the R's. They've successfully watered down the language in the climate change talks and they have successfully fillibustered the renewables out of the energy bill, and saved the tax breaks for the oil companies. And, as a little special christmas gift, the POTUS got to veto expanded health care for children again. He also plans to veto the dreaded anti torture bill that congress just passed.

They still manage to get the MSM to call torture "enhanced interrogation", and when asked for a show of hands during the debate this week on the importance of climate change, they refused to play, and the MSM just let it go, even with the Bali talks in crises.

They may be in the minority in the world, and in this country, but boy do they know how to use their own weapons of mass deconstruction.

And all the while, I don't think I've heard the words "obstruct" or "frustrate" or any such description from any MSM outlet. It's always the Ds who can't seem to get the 60 needed votes.
But all is not perfect over in Pseudo Religion, Fake Science, Greed and Hate Land.

A country bumpkin who may actually be a real christian is now leading the polls. And I don't think he is in the plan. As in other countries, the R's only approve of the democratic process when the results turn out right. Now they will have to elevate their Mormon and smear the Baptist.

Although "turd blossom" and the POTUS's chief of staff have been found in contempt of congress, it doesn't seem to matter much. You see, the metamessage of the R's is simple,"The D's are weak, and we'll take every opportunity we can to prove it."

And, as long as this message continues, the R's really are in the drivers seat.

They run on how ineffective and inefficient government is, and then, when they get in power, they prove it.

They talk about waste in government, even as they shove that "waste" into their own pockets.

They won't allow public stem cell research for moral reasons, thus allowing their private sector pals to do the research and make the money as they get the early patents.

They send our good jobs to other countries so their corporate pals can make more profit, and then they set their media attack dogs loose. Then, they blame the immigrants who do all of the rest of the work. To add insult to injury, their pals then make even more money building useless walls and security stations. (with illegal labor)

Most of todays Republican candidates for president don't believe in evolution or climate change. One believes in using public money to escort his girlfriends to the Hampton cabin. They all profess to be Christian, yet they don't follow Christ's primary commandments. They say they are conservative, yet they are oh so liberal when it comes to more money for war and the military industrial security complex.

If you are itching to have one of these guys have a chance at continuing this kind of madness, tell your friends in Iowa and NH to vote for Clinton, because she runs the worst of the top three Ds against all of them. Edwards runs the best by far. Edwards/Obama will totally rout them.

If she is nominated by the D's, we figured out last night that you could be 53 years old in four years, and never have seen a presidential ballot that didn't have a Bush or a Clinton on it.

I know that sounds unbelievable,

but It's the Season,

of madness.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know how bad things are and yet, when I read "'tis the season" I am reduced to nothing more than yikes.

I keep looking for the scrap of good news and there just isn't any. It continues to shock me that the R's get away with their "weapons of mass deconstruction" and the D's can't seem to find their whistle much less blow it.

The work that you do is invaluable. I've told you before. .

It is a lazy approach, but I kinow that if it is worth knowing it will be mentioned in earthfamily and the links make it easy to get the whole story.

I often get a good laugh thrown in.

Thanks, Really.

7:48 AM  

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