Monday, December 24, 2007

The Moon in Mars

Last night, I looked up at the clear bright full moon and saw it just above a really bright object. It's so bright, it must be Jupiter I thought without thinking.

I mentioned that it looked like the moon would actually block it or occlude it. It didn't. But in the time it took to drive to the grocery store, it was beside it, and by the time we got out, it was below it. But that bright planet was not Jupiter. It is Mars.

And it is as bright as you will ever see it. Look for it tonight as the earth moves exactly in between the Sun and one of our closest celestial neighbors.

Astrologically, this conjuction places" aggression and emotions" together. So, if over the weekend, you were the recipient or the imparter of some weird aggressive behavior, just let it go. I know of one story where two friends were walking their dogs in the park, and apparently didn't respond fast enough to the cheery chingy bell sounds behind them. Suddenly they found themselves in the emotional orbit of a psycho biker who felt obliged to pelt the two with a barrage of name calling and other various insults.

When they tried to walk the other away, psycho biker came back for one more attack of Lunar-Martian behavior. We also ran into an angry lunatic who pushed our grocery cart rather abruptly just as the conjunction was at its closest.

Of course you say, there is no connection between the Moon and Mars and the way we behave.

How could there be?

In the Oneness,

How could there not be?

In just a little bit, Christmas will be in full swing. We'll go to a brunch at noon. In the early afternoon, my son and I will go visit my mother, who is all but gone these days. Tomorrow I'll get up early enough to put the leg of lamb in. I'll cover it with lamb rub and that wonderful garlic paste.

Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers will gather and we will eat, and we will share our time and our lives for a while.

And we will give each other gifts.

The children will be amped up on pie and cookies and toys.

And the adults will be satiated from earth's bounty.

And up above, the heavens will shimmer,

and the planets will continue their march through time.

The bright early waning Moon will rise after sunset,

and Mars will be perched above it.

But in the days and years that come,
Peace on this earth will only be on Christmas post cards, and

the Moon will remain in Mars,

until the Sun comes.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Merry Christmas to YOU!!!


5:46 AM  

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