Friday, January 11, 2008

Make Oil with the Sunshine

Thanks to the Energy Bulletin, I found this video report on Peak Oil that was produced by the Al Jazeera network. It's well produced and it's pretty right on. It's also a little more than interesting that some of the best work on global issues comes from the mideast now.

And here is part II

If you want to look at the situation more closely, take a look at this piece from Jeffrey Brown. In it, Jeffrey demonstrates how the five leading exporters of oil will likely see a sharp drop in their exports because of their own internal consumption growth.

He finishes with this:

"In simplest terms, we are concerned that the very lifeblood of the world industrial economy—net oil export capacity—is draining away in front of our very eyes, and we believe that it is imperative that major oil importing countries like the United States launch an emergency Electrification of Transportation program--electric light rail and streetcars--combined with a crash wind power program.

As Alan Drake has pointed out, the United States--with roughly 1/3rd its current population, 1/25th of its current inflation adjusted GDP and with primitive Technology --built subways in its largest cities and streetcars in 500 cities, towns and villages in just 20 years (1897-1916) (clip)

If we could do it in 1908 with mules, manual labor and with minimal fossil fuel input, why can't we do it 2008? "

Good question.

Especially given the recent news from EESTOR, the ultra capacitor company with the possibly disruptive solid state energy storage device that can revolutionize virtually everything energy. The company recently announced that Morton L. Topfer has joined the EEStor, Inc. Board of Directors.

Topfer was Vice Chairman of Dell Computer Corporation, counselor to Dell's Chief Executive Officer and a member of Dell's office of the Chief Executive Officer. Before joining Dell in 1994, Mr. Topfer held various positions with Motorola, Inc., last serving as Corporate Executive Vice President and President of the Land Mobile Products Sector. Before joining Motorola in 1971, Mr.Topfer spent 11 years with RCA Laboratories in various research and development and management positions.

In addition, Lockheed Martin just announced an exclusive international rights agreement to integrate and market Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) from EEStor, Inc., for military and homeland security applications.

In the Lockheed press release, it states that EEStor’s vision also includes EESU facilitating the conversion of wind energy and photovoltaics into primary electrical energy providers and increasing the role of renewables for increasing energy production.

Dell, Motorola, AMD, Lockheed Martin?

We can solve our climate change problems, and our resource depletion problems, and the problems that they cause, (like war) but its going to take recognition, thoughtful consideration, and focused action.

We can electrify the transportation sector with plug in hybrids, quick charge buses with ultra capacitors, inter-city trolleys, segways, high speed commuter and intercity rail-- all powered by a grid powered with wind power and centralized and distributed solar power plants equipped with large scale capacitance.

Ultimately as we move towards a unified photonic energy web where virtually every device and tool is electric, oil will become as important to our economy tomorrow, as hay is today.

And we, like the old saying almost goes,

Will make oil with the Sunshine.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would support any rapid transit system that is overhead or under ground. I don't like the idea of trains competing with auto and pedestrian traffic at ground level. I love the subways in NYC, Chicago, SF, Mexico City, Paris and other places I've been. The ads for rail that ran here when it was voted on depicted the trains as though they were cardboard cut outs in the artist's rendition. It didn't fool me. I've been to Amsterdam. The trains take up a lions share of ground level space so I voted against it every time.

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