Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Well its about here. Here are tomorrow's states with primaries and caucuses:

Alabama Primary 60 delegates

Alaska Caucus 18 delegates

American Samoa Caucus 9 delegates

Arizona Primary 67 delegates

Arkansas Primary 47 delegates

California Primary 441 delegates

Colorado Caucus 71 delegates

Connecticut Primary 60 delegates

Delaware Primary 23 delegates

Georgia Primary 103 delegates

Idaho Caucus 23 delegates

Illinois Primary 185 delegates

Kansas Caucus 41 delegates

Massachusetts Primary 121 delegates

Minnesota Caucus 88 delegates

Missouri Primary 88 delegates

New Jersey Primary 127 delegates

New Mexico Caucus 38 delegates

New York Primary 281 delegates

North Dakota Caucus 21 delegates

Oklahoma Primary 47 delegates

Tennessee Primary 85 delegates

Utah Primary 29 delegates

Democrats Abroad Primary 11 delegates

And here is a handy delegate map from Time. There is also a handy delegate counter on the bottom. Zogby has Obama ahead now in California, Georgia, Missouri, and tied in New Jersey.

And of course, there are those 852 super delegates.

After the networks finish their calls and their analysis, you might want to go out and pull a really big one.

Because we all know that the next day is the time for ashes.

Someone just told me about a bumper sticker that said:

Someone Smarter for 08.

But that would require us to be smart.

That is generally not the strong suit on a Fat Tuesday.

Super or otherwise.
Still, I remain Panglossian,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake me up when it's all over!

4:49 PM  

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