Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's sad and certainly disappointing to watch what's happening with the D's and how they are soiling their chance to win the presidency. Here's Kos just today:

"At this point we know that

1) Obama will end the contest with the most pledged delegates,
2) Obama will likely end the contest with the popular vote tally,
3) Obama will end the contest with the most money and greatest fundraising potential,
4) Obama will end the contest with the most states,
5) Obama will end the contest with the best poll numbers against McCain, and
6) Obama will end the contest with the most primary state victories and caucus state victories.

So what's left for Team Clinton?

She has to convince a majority of the super delegates to cast their vote for her, so how does she get those supers to ignore all of the above Obama advantages in order to cast their ballot for the candidate who is losing?

Apparently, it's a two-pronged strategy.

The first is what we've been seeing this week -- tear down a candidate who has inspired and given hope to millions by appealing to white resentment and turning him into the "black candidate". It's ugly and revolting. (clip)

The second is to discredit the process of the campaign. You see this over at MyDD, were Jerome refers to the Obama campaign as the "process-powered candidate". Clever, I'll grant. But it's odd to suggest that playing by the rules is supposed to be a bad thing." more

But I would offer that team Clinton is employing another strategy, but it's more of a metastrategy.

HRC and her team are attacking the very basis of the hope that is the life breath of the Obama phenomenon. And that metastrategy basically says this:

"If He can't unify the Democratic Party, how would He ever unify the country?"

And, in all fairness, I guess they have a point.

In the meantime, the HRC team is following the same metamessage as the "R's". She is proving that she is tougher, meaner, and jee whiz golly, just as bad as any "R".

The R's have constantly hammered their meaness into the electorate, insisting on torture, spying, and the brutal use of force because there are a lot of scared, whimpyassed folks out there that think they want a bully to protect them. And Cheney et. al. fit the bill perfectly. Jeez, he can even shoot one of his buds and then make the poor chump apologyze for getting in the way of his buckshot.

And, as the R's bully the D's around, either with petulant threats or vetos, the real metamessage comes through. The R's are tough, and the D's are wimps.

Now, Hillary is using their vocabulary, dismissing those who drink lattes. Perhaps there is a reason why her middle initial is "R".

The Democratic leadership needs to show some mettle and put an end to all of this losing metamessaging now. The leaders of the party, the superdelegates, should come out , at least 300 of them, and effectly quash these metastrategies that will otherwise sew the seeds of defeat in November.

Obama's metastrategy must include a bold, courageous move that will reshape and transform the current "R's are strong /D's are weak" paradigm, and at the same time, show the electorate his stuff.

A super "D" day would be his first opportunity.

The rest might be easy.



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I made a few corrections and added a few words for clarity and readability to this post around six.

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Blogger oZ said...

Obama's Wright is going to be big news.

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wow. powerful.

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