Monday, March 10, 2008

Ride my Stick Pony

Yesterday, I was in the Zocolo getting a chair massage in the warm spring sun. Over and over, all I could hear was "respire profundo, respire profundo".

As I finished, two young five year olds road up on their stick horses and asked me something. Generally, I speak like a five year old, and I do quite well with five year old spanish. But this time, I was a little too delirious from the deep breathing and the deep body work to hear their question. They looked at me, then looked at each other, and then rode off on their stick ponies.

I watched as they rode to the other corner of the park.

It's been a long time since I've seen stick ponies ridden quite so well.

Last night, after dinner, I was visiting with the artists who are doing the illustrations on my next book. We talked about the dream of time, and how perhaps, there is no such thing. After they left, I began to review the 14 Chapter, 60,000 word treatise on human consciousness with the working title "Beyond".

Here is a little piece from the chapter on dreaming.


Perhaps the strongest sense you have of yourself is well, yourself. We are taught from the time we are babies that we are separate. Sure, we have a family, and a school that we are proud of, and of course, we love our geographic state that helps define our sense of ourselves. But make no mistake about it, we are taught from day "0" that we are individuals.

WE deify that proposition. We are told that we are the body. We are told that we have a soul that will go to heaven or to hell, so you better be good. We are told that we have Karma that may go with us into the next life. We are told that we are Virgos or whatever.

Then, as you begin to investigate the teachings of the great masters, they say quite a different thing. They tell you to find your real self. "Who is this real self," you think to yourself. They tell you that to find God, you must understand who you really are.

Tat Vam Asi. That am I.

Yes, I get to run my little candy store. And you get to run yours. But we are truly one.

We are one with the creation and we are one with our brethren.

You will not awaken from the dream until the one who dreams finds the dream of separation to be just that.

Allow yourself to be yourself and a strange thing begins to occur. You will find that what is above is below. What is there is here. What is that is this.

Until you are truly alone, you will live in your separation.

You will live in your dream of things and causes and blames.
You will live in your dream of science and physics and naming.
You will live in your dream of personality and power and desire.
You will live in your dream of life and death and sorrow.

But once there is no separation,

It is all an ocean.
and love will be your devotion.

And you awake from the dream
." (end of Chapter IV, Book II)

In the meantime, like my five year old friends in the park,

I, like you, will continue to ride my stick pony.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

J's mother got our grandchildren, her great-grandchildren stick ponies for Xmas, furry ones, that when you pinch an ear, make galloping clacks and whinny.

They drive the dogs nuts.


2:25 PM  

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