Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bad to the Bone

It's pretty hard for this administration of oil men to do something that catches me off guard. I expect them to be despicable and they are. With approval numbers in the low twenties, their political egos seem to be peculiarly immune to the normal governors of public service. Even with a general consensus from historians and political scientists that their governance has been the worst in the history of the national experience, these oil men seem to not be phased as their penchant to govern for the few at the expense of the many continues.

Having first allowed a band of 16 Saudis to attack and destroy the centerpieces of American Commerce as well as the Citadel of American military dominance, this administration set itself on a path to cover their grand failure to listen and respond to the warnings of our allies and our own intelligence agencies by invading a country whose only true sin was to be sitting on a sea of oil.

Our oil.

In one of the more spectacular robberies of history, these oil men managed to socialize the costs of obtaining these resources for the private interests they represented by invading this land of resources. First, in the name of preemptive defense, then in the name of democracy, they have finally restored the original oil companies that were removed when the oil industry was nationalized by the Bathist.

It must give United Fruit a great deal of hope for their triumphant return to Havana.

This admininstration of oil men has done so much to so many with remarkable efficiency.

They have reversed decades of good will for this country within the world community. So much so that our leaders are in the top three in the world as the most dangerous and the most corrupt.
They have returned us to the dark ages where men can be captured and held and tortured with no hope of seeing a fair and impartial judge to determine if any case exist at all.

They have corrupted our system of voting and vote counting.

They have sent fathers and mothers and sons and daughters to war, yet when they return, they are dishonored with a disabled health care system.

They have used their power to hide the truth of climate change.

They have severely damaged the value of our currency

They have presided over a four fold increase in a barrel of oil.

They have lied, perverted the truth, and enriched themselves in office.

But somehow, all of these behaviors can be somehow expected and to some degree predicted, for after all, they are who they are. But this one, although clearly on their lists of bad things that need to be done, seems too dastardly, too mean, even for them:

Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects
NY Times

DENVER — Faced with a surge in the number of proposed solar power plants, the federal government has placed a moratorium on new solar projects on public land until it studies their environmental impact, which is expected to take about two years.

The Bureau of Land Management says an extensive environmental study is needed to determine how large solar plants might affect millions of acres it oversees in six Western states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

But the decision to freeze new solar proposals temporarily, reached late last month, has caused widespread concern in the alternative-energy industry, as fledgling solar companies must wait to see if they can realize their hopes of harnessing power from swaths of sun-baked public land, just as the demand for viable alternative energy is accelerating. (clip)

Galvanized by the national demand for clean energy development, solar companies have filed more than 130 proposals with the Bureau of Land Management since 2005. They center on the companies’ desires to lease public land to build solar plants and then sell the energy to utilities.

According to the bureau, the applications, which cover more than one million acres, are for projects that have the potential to power more than 20 million homes.

Much progress has been made in the development of both types of solar technology in the last few years. Photovoltaic solar projects grew by 48 percent in 2007 compared with 2006. Eleven concentrating solar plants are operational in the United States, and 20 are in various stages of planning or permitting, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association." (more)

So, even as our oil men administration is "oh so willing" to open up our coast and our artic refuge to drilling, they want to go slow on solar.

And why?

Because some of these plants will produce energy for as little as 10 cents KWh. And an electric vehicle (plug in hybrid) which uses this energy will, in effect, have clean renewable energy source that doesn't cause more climate change, doesn't contribute to the massive transfer of money to the oil companies and the mid-east, and it doesn't require bombs and blood to defend.

These plants will produce a electric gallons of gas for around a $1.00 per gallon.

They will begin the move away from carbon and the wars and environmental calamity it brings.

These plants and the more advanced strategies that will follow them will take the world into a new energy age which will transcend the hunter gatherer mentality that the present oil man mentality embedded in our government represents.

These plants will mark the end of their domination on earth.

And so they must stop them.

Since Friday, I've been thinking about this,
And the answer seems to be this,


You and your like must resign now.

Let Nancy run things until Barack takes over.

RESIGN for the good of humankind.

RESIGN for your daughters and grandchildren.

RESIGN so that your names will not be stricken from our monuments.

RESIGN so that when historians speak of these days

and your time and terms in your position of trust and honor,

Those of a kinder spirit will be able to say,

"They were not all bad, at least not bad to the bone."

RESIGN and preserve your names and your legacy.


while you still can.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was horrified when I read the NYT article. I tried to figure out the environmental perspective. Isn't the environmental study built into the process? So they put a moratorium on solar building on government lands (private land purchases would presumably be hugely prohibitive,) but they won't put a moratorium on new coal plants. Hmmmmm. Maybe that's because the hugely damaging environmental impact from coal is completely known.

More of "who killed the electric car?" The degree of corruption palls the likes of Kim Jung Il.


9:24 PM  

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