Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Endings are Beginnings

Today is one of those days in history that I always remember.

July 16th is most famous in my mind because it is the date that the Atomic Age began when the US successfully detonated a plutonium-based test nuclear weapon at the Trinity site near Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1945. Within a month, the US dropped two of them on Japan.

On the other hand, in 1969 the US launched Apollo 11 from Cape Kennedy, Florida and it became the first manned space mission to land on the moon. Four days later, Neal Armstrong uttered his famous words.

On the religious side, July 16th is also the first day of the Islamic calendar which started in 622.

In 1054 - Three Roman legates fractured relations between the Western and Eastern Christian churches by placing an invalid Papal Bull of Excommunication on the altar in the Hagia Sophia . This is often dated as the start of the East-West Schism.

As for the material world , this date in 1661 is apparently the beginning of modern money as the first banknotes in Europe were issued by the Swedish bank Stockholms Banco.

As for politics and government, July 16th, 1790 is the date of the signing of the Residence Bill establishing a site along the Potomac River as the District of Columbia , and thus Washington DC was born. (a Cancer)

And in 1973, the Watergate Scandal got some serious legs when former White House aide Alexander P. Butterfield informed the United States Senate that Nixon had secretly recorded potentially incriminating conversations.

It was July 16th, 1999, when John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn , and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette crashed off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. The Piper Saratoga aircraft was piloted by Kennedy.

I remember that day well. And I always wondered why that rudder pedal broke off.

The beginnings of the Atomic Age, Washington DC, our journey into space, of money as we know it, and the Islamic calendar,

The beginning of the end for Nixon,

The end of the unified Roman Church,

And the end of John John.

It seems like a proper date for beginnings and endings.

So begin today to see yourself as a much larger being. Remember that you are not just what's behind that skin. For you are everything you have written, what you have said, and all the love that you have given. You are the children you have cared for, your friends you have influenced, and the enemies you have encountered. You are life and you are consciousness.

And begin today to see this larger being interlaced with all other beings in the global being we call Earth.

And end your limits on yourself, and your citizenship. End your sense of separation and your belief in boundaries. End your fear of change and your belief in death. For all boundaries are transductional and all endings are beginnings.

For we are all infinite beings and we are all riding on a fine spacecraft into the mystery and delight of the dense fog of unknowing.

And we might as well begin to act like it.

The 17th will probably work too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful piece Oz

2:29 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

thanks Anon, I made some changes for readability on Wed evening.

5:50 PM  

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