Monday, July 26, 2010

Catorce Inundacion

With all the bad news coming from Mexico these days, it is hard to actually hear any news at all. But the truth is, there has been some serious flooding in Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, and Real de Catorce.

In Nuevo Laredo, the Aduana offices were completely wiped out by record flooding on the Rio Grande. The new place which is actually the old place is more in the middle of town close to the old railroad station. For a while, the bridges were all closed due to the high waters.

In Monterey, that dry river bed that runs through the middle of town turned into a raging torrent taking out all kinds of infrastructure and parts of the ritzy San Pedro area.

But in Catorce, a great sink hole emerged in the newly improved parking lot after the second day of rain from Hurricane Alex, which had decided to stall out there. By the third day, the sink hole was about to swallow the new health clinic that was built there a few years ago. After the sink hole fell in, a great mud slide ensued trapping a few unfortunate trucks, and further flooding the clinic.

Meanwhile, the water from the canyon began to flow into the tunnel, the only real connection to the outside world this town has. Water in the tunnel was up to the hoods. For several days, Catorce was pretty shut in.

On the outside of the tunnel on the road coming in, a wash out took almost all of the cobblestone road out, leaving a slightly queezy feeling when you drove around it.

Today, Charlie and I set out to figure out what had happened.

Here's our report: