Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Unified Energy System

A bunch of us have been working on a project for the last several months and its finally coming around.  Somehow, I didn't really figure it out that it was on 12.12.12 until a few weeks ago. Here's a letter that is going out to several pretty big mailing list later this week.

Dear friend of Clean Energy,

Roger Duncan and I want to alert you to a unique opportunity this December.  It’s a special conference and video-taping called Renewable Energy and The Unified Energy System. And it’s going to be at the Lost Pines Resort just outside of Austin on the way to Bastrop.

Renewable Energy has truly come of age.

Solar modules are below a dollar/watt and distributed solar is about to blast through the proverbial roof.  Texas Coastal wind now competes with base load fossil plants in price, yet performs like a more expensive gas peaking plant.  Just as important, large scale solar plants can now compete with natural gas peaking units in price.  Plug-ins and all-electric cars are becoming commonplace on our streets.  Rules for storage facilities are finally written.  Advanced thermostats and controls and other smart grid developments  are providing new avenues in demand side energy management for both homeowners and utilities.

Our cars, buildings and the electric grid are becoming unified and Renewable Energy will be the big winner in an energy horizon where energy sellers become buyers, buyers become sellers, and renewable energy competes with oil in the transportation sector.

Texas Renewables 2012 is designed to address this transition and highlight the accomplishments of the Pecan Street Project where 200 of the 600 energy efficient smart homes are fitted with solar PV and 100 of the homes will support a plug in vehicle. The conference will provide a solid understanding of the forces at play to further the vision of a “Unified Energy System” and discuss strategies to sustain continued growth for the renewable energy sector.

You may even want your company or agency to be an exhibitor.
Click here to register.

We only have room for about 500 folks, so be sure and act now to reserve your place. We can't think of a better place to be on 12/12/12.

Hope to see you soon.

Roger Duncan and Michael Osborne
Cochairmen/ Texas Renewables 2012

The press release goes on to say:

Co-chairs Roger Duncan, former manager, Austin Energy and current president of Pecan Street Inc, and Michael Osborne, renewable energy visionary and author, designed this conference to provide:

   -        A new level of inspiration and insight through entertaining videos, debates, panels and Ted Talk style presentations
   -        A clear vision of shifts in solar pricing and how solar is about to become a dominant player in energy markets in the next decade, and what that means in associated opportunities and challenges
   -        A discussion of the realities of our ever-changing political environment and the tools to reduce partisanship within the energy industry.
   -        An Exploration of the new unified energy system horizon where energy sellers become buyers, buyers become sellers, and renewable energy competes with oil in the transportation sector.

Expect a faster paced conference embracing video and new technology formats designed to actively engage inspire and inform. "Now, perhaps more than ever, the quest for the "Unified Energy System" requires a unified renewable energy community," said Russel Smith, Executive Director, Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA).
"In the end it is our hope that participants will embrace the changes ahead and depart prepared to work together to seek opportunities across resource lines, and acknowledge
and support the varied roles each sector must play in achieving the Unified Energy System,
We've got a lot of great speakers,  authors, writers, thought leaders, and business types who will be attending. And quite frankly, I can't think of a better place to be on 12.12.12 than to be with several hundred folks who actually give a damn.

The entire three day event, like most events of this sort, will cost you about as much as  taking two couples to dinner with some pretty decent wine.  And to be truthful, our wine won't be that good, and the food will just be OK.  But the conversations and the thought forms should be first rate.

This might well be the energy/media event you've been looking for.

So sign up here.  And if you really can't afford it, email me.

Oh and by the way, there is an election coming up.

And the good guys win.

More on that in a few days.


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