Monday, January 15, 2018

The Contents of our Consciousness

It's hard not to like MLK day.

There are no gifts to buy, no food to cook, no costumes to wear.

If you are lucky, you get to hear some of the greatest speeches ever made.

But this year, it's hard to  enjoy what has been my favorite holiday for years.


Well, to state the obvious, we have evolved to a point where the  political leadership in the USSA can no longer even help themselves.  They have become what they have exploited.  In exploiting the fear of dark skinned peoples, they have become white supremacists.  In exploiting the Christian belief in the sacred nature of  birth,  they have become thieves of woman's rights.  In exploiting fear of the future, they have become merchants of a very dark future where climate change is ignored and global unrest grows.

Today, there are parades celebrating a great man, while another much lesser man plays golf at his white golf club.

My somewhat asymmetric response is entitled "The Contents of our Consciousness."

It's the quick story and philosophical framework of another great man,  
J Krishnamurti

"Folks: It's time to evolve ideas. You know, evolution didn't end with us growing thumbs. You do know that, right? Didn't end there. We're at the point, now, where we're going to have to evolve ideas. The reason the world is so fv(ked up is we're undergoing evolution. And the reason our institutions, our traditional religions, are all crumbling, is because ... they're no longer relevant. They're no longer relevant. So it's time for us to create a new philosophy and perhaps even a new religion, you see. And that's OK 'cause that's our right, 'cause we are free children of God with minds who can imagine anything, and that's kind of our role." Bill Hicks


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Anonymous Greg Robie said...

Cogent video, but Hick's quote counters. Past-as-story says, and like all human endeavors at 'civilization', current global meme of CapitalismFail is little more than a repeat of the human tragedy … but on a planetary scale. Ours is less a failure to evolve, then scaled proof of the systemic failure of 'civilized' Homo sapiens sapiens as a evolutionary experiment. As a haiku:

theurban mindscape
stutters; repeating reboots
as all systems fail

9:47 AM  

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