Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Climate Change Impact on Nuclear Destruction Infrastructure



If you don't have enough to lose sleep over at night, "Respect is the Hub" can fill your boat.

Respect is the Hub is all over the subject of Climate Change and how it is likely to increase the chance of nuclear war.  A few others are onto it also:

Susan D'Agostino

Is the U.S. Nuclear Community Prepared for the Extreme Weather Climate Change is Bringing? 

 Michael Klare

 How Rising Temperatures Increase the Likelihood of Nuclear War. 

Matt Korda

When Talking About the Climate Crisis, We Can't Forget About Nuclear Weapons 

 The U.S. Nuclear Deterrent is not Prepared for Climate Catastrophe 

 Do Young People Care About Nuclear Weapons? (Looks at connecting nuclear weapons to climate, health and social justice issues)

 Jamie Kwong

A Troubling Forecast: Climate Change and the Future of Nuclear Deterrence. (This paper discusses 2019 flood at U.S. Strategic Command, potential disruptions related to thawing permafrost, etc. R.U.S.I. = Royal United Services Institute, a UK security think tank) Video Content Council on Strategic Risks: 

Can Climate Change Increase the Risk of Nuclear War? (security analyst panel discussion) Ira Helfand/PSR: 

 Dr. Ira Helfand: Risk of Nuclear War Increases with Climate Change (interview) 


Seth Baum et al: "A Model for the Probability of Nuclear War" (60 historical incidents related to nuclear weapons) A Model for the Probability of Nuclear War by Seth Baum, Robert de Neufville, Anthony Barrett.

Respect is the Hub has a very active twitter account with over 1800 tweets.  Check it out: 


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