Monday, July 25, 2005


I downloaded an IP phone last night.

This one is called Skype.

Within about 10 minutes,

I was making international phone calls.

Today, I chatted effortlessly with another Skype member,

and I can tell when he is on line, or busy, or not taking calls.

I called a friend on her cell phone with two clicks.

Already my contacts are growing.

We added others to the connection and we had a conference call.

You can download a version of this program for your handheld computer.

That will give you an international cell phone

wherever there is a wireless signal.

These computer based phones over the internet are still a little funky,

but the user interface is very simple.

An earthfamily would use this system or a system much like this.

The global nature of its coverage provides the link for a global family.

No longer are we captive to capricious rates to call our cousins

who might live in Singapore,

or our lovers who are in isolated villages in Mexico.

Steroidial versions of these phones loaded on tiny tablet PC's

coupled with an earthfamilyhome page with member services

for banking, insurance, health, transportation, housing,

and communication

is the beginning of something that seemed very remote,

even just a few months ago.

These earth phones are remarkably easy to use.

And if you join Skype,

Look for Earthfamilyalpha.

Got to go,

my earthphone is ringing.

It is Houston.

Earthfamily Principles

Earthfamilyalpha Content

What it is About



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these phones are amazing.

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