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I recently got an e mail. It's from a pretty diligent reader who poses some good questions. Here it is, with my response.

Hey there,

Long time listener , first time caller. I really enjoy your web log. Such lucid presentation of ideas of peace and workable sustainability are heartening to see.

The thing that really interests me though , is the mechanics of this whole Earthfamily concept you seem to be developing. As an aficionado of wild plans I feel compelled to ask ..... I've been looking over some of your older posts, and I notice that the stated purpose of such an Earthfamily would be to "use(technology) to not rebel against or replace , but transcend the geographic state".

ok , with you so far......

But then I find an older post that mentions something about someone using a personal communicator of some sort to contact a Matrix-like operator to arrange cab transport or plane transport to somewhere or another.

And that sounds fantastically cool , but....

It would seem that , to put it lightly , you'd run into some logistics problems. Unless I'm completely interpreting this the wrong way , and if I am please correct me , but ....

All of this advanced technology needed to make this vision possible (computers , satellites , cars and international flights , etc.) requires a gigantic production and distribution network. From the manufacture of complex electronic components, to international shipping , to maintenance and regulation of the road systems used to deliver these things...

that kind of gigantic production and distribution network cannot possibly exist currently without the nation-states as a regulating and stabilizing influence.

So I guess the question is , how can you "transcend" a system that you are relying on to provide all of your tools?

Unless you have some crazy James Bond villain-esque plan to institute your own production and distribution networks .... I'm getting the feeling that's not very realistic though. Also , I suppose it would fall under the heading of both "rebelling against and replacing"
the nation-states.

The only other interpretation I can make is that this is going to be some sort of Masonic equivalent where a number of well-to-do liberal types band together in a semi-secret organization to use their resources to take advantage of the system's benefits while helping each other sidestep the negatives.

From your writing , I don't get that kind of vibe from you. You seem to have a something of a genuine concern for humanity in general , not just the landed gentry. So I'm guessing that's not quite right either.

Anyway , to truly transcend , don't you hit a point eventually where you *have* to rebel or replace? As long as you're subject to the smooth function of the nation-states in order to do your thing , you concomitantly support them in continuing to do their thing....right?

Lord knows I'm no intellectual giant , but I just can't puzzle out how this concept works. Not that it really needs to - I think that your fact-based and well-researched writing is quite enough of a contribution to the general good all by itself. Like I said , I'm just one for crazy plans and this one has piqued my curiosity.

Anyway , if you've got the time , I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for the regular read , and all the best to you.

Dear Reader,

My dictionary says that transcend means to go beyond or beyond the limits of.

And that is as close a word I know to what I am suggesting.

I, in no way, wish to rebel against or replace the nation state.

As you say, we need it.

However, I do not consider the nation state to be the body

of our collective capabilities .

As you say, (computers , satellites , cars and international flights , etc.) requires a gigantic production and distribution network. From the manufacture of complex electronic components, to international shipping , to maintenance and regulation of the road systems used to deliver these things...

are not the nation state.

They are our businesses, our work, our roads, our tools, our ideas.

The nation state is more like the skin.

And perhaps in some degree, part of the nervous system and brain.

I consider the nation state to be a rather archaic idea

It grew from a time of riders on horseback delivering the mail,

and the relative isolation of the nations and the peoples within them.

This isolation is no longer the state we live in.

We are very interconnected,

Both with our communication devices and our transportation devices.

An earthfamily would be a new invention of social contract.

It does not fit well in our present understanding.

But neither did random access memory or an operating system,

just a few years ago.

An earthfamily will be a true global family.

Not of blood,

or of geography,

or as of the result of conquest of the sword.

but of choice.

It is an information based social\economic being,

for the information based economy.

It will have the most sophisticated communication services

we can develop.

It will provide service, and utility to its family members.

We will use the libraries of the cities,

the schools and highways of the states,

and the order and safety of the nation states,

and we will be an ideal global citizen.

But there is much work to do.

When ignorance grows,

Wisdom cannot tarry.

Earthfamily Principles

Earthfamilyalpha Content

What it is About



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh , well if I'd known you'd be addressing it on the front page, I probably wouldn't have written at 3 AM .... thanks for the thoughtful reply , however.

I can't honestly say that I'm completely clear on the idea ... but you seem to have the best of intentions , so I hope it goes well.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a good dialogue this is.

12:22 PM  

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