Monday, September 19, 2005

Birth of the World

Even though there are many other systems of understanding our minds, and many other ways to understand our personalities and the way we relate with each other and our society, the Freudian system, although frought with inadequacies, is worthy of comprehension.

According to Freud, there are three levels of consciousness:

There is the Conscious part of the mind that holds what you’re aware of. You can verbalize about your conscious experience and you can think about it in a logical fashion.

There is the Preconscious, which is ordinary memory. So although things stored here aren’t in the conscious, they can be readily brought into consciousness.

And then there is the all important Unconscious. Freud felt that this part of the mind was not directly accessible to awareness. In part, he saw it as a dump box for urges, feelings and ideas that are tied to anxiety, conflict and pain. These feelings and thoughts have not disappeared and according to Freud, they are there, exerting influence on our actions and our conscious awareness.

Material in the conscious and the preconscious can slip into the unconscious. That is why, at least in this system, we all need a therapist.

Freud came to see personality as having three aspects which work together to produce all of our complex behaviours: the Id, the Ego and the Superego. All 3 components need to be well-balanced in order to have a good amount of psychological energy available and to have reasonable mental health.

THE ID functions in the irrational and emotional part of the mind. In transactional analysis, Id equates to "Child".

THE EGO functions with the rational part of the mind. The Ego develops out of growing awareness that you can’t always get what you want. The Ego relates to the real world and operates via the “reality principle”. In transactional analysis, Ego equates to "Adult".

THE SUPEREGO is the last part of the mind to develop. It might be called the moral part of the mind. The Superego becomes an embodiment of parental and societal values.

It stores and enforces rules.

It is the superego that tells us that we are part of a nationstate,

instead of a space ship that is traveling through space and time.

It is the superego that tells us we must support a democracy

that is now, at its best, a plutocracy, and perhaps much worse.

It is the superego that tells us that energy comes from fuel,

and that we must find it, and procure it, and defend it.

It is the superego that tells us that we must defend ourselves,

by killing others, and that to die defending your tribe is noble.

It is the superego that tells us that contrived competition between

corporate multinational leviathons

which oddly enough, know very little about true free enterprise,

is superior to the cooperation that we can foster between ourselves,

with a new generation of local and multinational cooperations.

It is the superego that tells us that God is on our side.

In order to truly bring about the Birth of the World,

Our superego is going to need a superectomy.

And a new superego will need to go into its place.

This planetary ego will not support the kind of cruel foolishness

that is passed off as decent, civilized behavior by our institutions today.

No respectable person would abide the violence of "shock and awe",

any more than we honored the Blitzkrieg of Hitler.

The death of a child in Baghdad,

will be as tragic as the death of a child in Boise.

The loss of habitat in the Maldives,

will be as significant as the loss of habitat in New Orleans.

The hope of a young seamstress in Shanghai,

will be as relevant to our human success

as the hope of a young engineer in Caracas.

The love between a mother and child in Tehran,

will be as sacred as the love of the mother and child in DC.

There are some who have called the loss of America's great city

on America's great river,

a Teaching Moment.

Let us make it so.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was my recent 'Teaching Moment.' Yesterday I went to a Tewa Indian Harvest celebration at the San Juan Pueblo here in New Mexico. Many of the dancers who were dressed in traditional clothing had fasted for four days and then danced all day. During the last dance, they dropped watermelons on the ground and the dancers grabbed chunks of it and it was their first food. Many of the community members brought laundry baskets loaded with goods from Walmart, their gardens and wherever else-- things like tupperware, plastic spoons, bags of crackers, candies, chilis, ristras, corn, apples-- and the dancers threw these things out to the crowd, making sure that even people farthest out got something. Then they came into a circle and honored members said prayers in the Tewa language. Afer that everyone went to feast with their families. They do this every year. And they have been doing this every year. It is their way of honoring the mother earth for all that she gives, and sharing those gifts among the tribal family. At least that is my understanding.

My class was invited to this by my Tewa pottery instructor, Clarence. We have gathered and cleaned clay to make our pots and he said that any scraps from the forming of our pots should not go into a garbage can but be returned to an arroyo. That way the excess clay can continue its journey. He say's that all things have a path, not just living things but all things. And that we should respect that.

The Bioneers say that the 'Information Age' is ending and that the 'Biological Age' has begun. That we will need our understanding of biological forces and integrated, harmonious technologies to save our butts. Maybe we will catch up with the superegos of the Tewa?

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good post Oz, and I agree with Catalina. MS

7:23 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

In many ways, the old ways, be they tewa or huichol will find resonance in a new new global super ego,

and their animistic views will again find favor in our world views...

for the earth and all things are alive.. or so it seems...

for sure we know it is energy operating in a field of time space.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this post on the mind. Awareness begins with,well awareness.

What better place to start with than the mind and see how our emotions and our beliefs about ourselves foster our ideas of the world and how to be in it - Them and Us being the most disturbing of our belief systems.

Our chickens have come home to roost. It has become quite apparent that the Them and Us model is no longer working.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an amazing body of work that you have developed.

Thank you for continually hammering the point home.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Step Back said...

The head lem is just out of surgery and hallucinating on pain meds, so please forgive if this is incoherent.

Actually, Freud was mostly wrong.

Nonetheless, he was one of the first to recognize from the perspective of his old world understandings, that the human "mind" has parallel computing threads or processes running in parallel and often conflicting with one another. He understood that there were 3 major computing centers but got it all wrong on what they do.

Modern brain science is way ahead of Freud and does not give Freud much credit except as a historic artifact. It well understood by brain scientists that the human brain is a meld of evolutionary structure, biochemical process and cultural cultivation.

Most of our religous and other social organizations espouse the idea that we are each "one" whole human being because "seeing is believing" --as long, of course, as you do not start seeing and understanding PET brain scans. The PET brain scan is the tool of the heretic.

This is no different than historic times when most people believed the Earth was flat because what they saw through their own eyes confirmed that wrong model, or the time when most believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth.

Galileo came to understand that our human perceptions often deceive us by his use of scientific instruments. By looking through the "telescope" he was able to convince himself -despite what the propaganda around him was saying-- that there are planets "out there". His instruments were crude, yet he could see way beyond what his 5 sennses showed him. He was deemed a "heretic" by the power group then in control of his society.

If folk at the earth-family-apha site want to see that which "They who are in power" do not want you to see, start reading up on the evolutionary development of the 3 major brain layers: reptilian, limbic and neo-cortical. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny !!! That is only the tip of the iceberg. The human brian structure is way more complicated than merely having a three-part Godhead. Of course, certain religous factions would be hugely opposed to the masses learning about such things.


11:20 AM  
Blogger John Hamre said...

Great post! Well most of your posts are great posts but this one in particular got me thinking.

I continue to connect the highlighted words. It’s a long process but with insightful results.

The waiter said to be aware of the cyber cops. Your truth is starting to attract the attention of the global capitalist group. But since most of them are computer illiterates anyway I say f$ck um. The truth is in short supply and we could use all the help we can get. Blog on!

11:49 AM  

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