Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday Fair

Frank Rich, the arts reporter of the NYT, who has turned into the truth reporter, has another excellent opinion piece today. Here it is thanks to Truth Out. His premise is certainly a fair one.

It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby
By Frank Rich
The New York Times
Sunday 16 October 2005

There hasn't been anything like it since Martha Stewart fended off questions about her stock-trading scandal by manically chopping cabbage on "The Early Show" on CBS. Last week the setting was "Today" on NBC, where the image of President Bush manically hammering nails at a Habitat for Humanity construction site on the Gulf Coast was juggled with the sight of him trying to duck Matt Lauer's questions about Karl Rove.

As with Ms. Stewart, Mr. Bush's paroxysm of panic was must-see TV. "The president was a blur of blinks, taps, jiggles, pivots and shifts," Dana Milbank wrote in The Washington Post. Asked repeatedly about Mr. Rove's serial appearances before a Washington grand jury, the jittery Mr. Bush, for once bereft of a script, improvised a passable impersonation of Norman Bates being quizzed by the detective in "Psycho." Like Norman and Ms. Stewart, he stonewalled.

That stonewall may start to crumble in a Washington courtroom this week or next. In a sense it already has. Now, as always, what matters most in this case is not whether Mr. Rove and Lewis Libby engaged in a petty conspiracy to seek revenge on a whistle-blower, Joseph Wilson, by unmasking his wife, Valerie, a covert C.I.A. officer.

What makes Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation compelling, whatever its outcome, is its illumination of a conspiracy that was not at all petty: the one that took us on false premises into a reckless and wasteful war in Iraq. That conspiracy was instigated by Mr. Rove's boss, George W. Bush, and Mr. Libby's boss, Dick Cheney. more

And it is one thing for a normal, well almost normal, free thinking, broadly educated, street strapped person like myself to think that the POTUS is a disaster, but it is quite another when a former national security advisor of the President, any president, agrees. (Especially one with a name you can't spell or pronounce)

Here is Zbigniew Brzezinski

George W. Bush's suicidal statecraft
Tribune Media Services International
10/13/05 "ICH"

Flaying away with a stick at a hornets' nest while loudly proclaiming "I will stay the course" is an exercise in catastrophic leadership.

Sixty years ago, Arnold Toynbee concluded, in his monumental "A Study of History," that the ultimate cause of imperial collapse was "suicidal statecraft." Sadly for President George W. Bush's place in history but - much more important - ominously for America's future, it has lately seemed as if that adroit phrase might be applicable to the policies pursued by the United States since the cataclysm of 9/11.

Though there have been some hints lately that the administration may be beginning to reassess the goals, so far defined largely by slogans, of its unsuccessful military intervention in Iraq, Bush's speech of Oct. 6 was a throwback to the more demagogic formulations that he employed during the presidential campaign of 2004 to justify the war that he himself started.

That war, advocated by a narrow circle of decision makers for motives still not fully exposed, propagated publicly by demagogic rhetoric reliant on false assertions, has turned out to be much more costly in blood and money than anticipated.

It has precipitated worldwide criticism, while in the Middle East it has stamped the United States as the successor to British imperialism and as a partner of Israel in the military repression of the Arabs.

Fair or not, that perception has become widespread in the world of Islam as a whole.

More than a reformulation of U.S. goals in Iraq is now needed, however. The persistent reluctance of the administration to confront the political background of the terrorist menace has reinforced public sympathy among Muslims for the terrorists.

It is a self-delusion for Americans to be told that the terrorists are motivated mainly by an abstract "hatred of freedom" and that their acts are a reflection of a profound cultural hostility. If that were so, Stockholm or Rio de Janeiro would be as much at risk as New York.

And here is Boxcar with a fair appraisal of another gun loving icon.

And here is the Fair and Balanced bunch with a little help from Maher,

And here is a super cartoon on fair trade and big box marketing.

It's from Jib Jab.

Its fairly obvious that we are shooting ourselves

in the proverbial foot here.

Another point for gun control I guess.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

very funny. the cartoon is great.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Step Back said...

Jib Jabbing our way towards that final flush down the toilet --loved it.

Comedy and Tragedy all mixed into one Big Cast Cartoon.

Two Thumbs Down for our Great Global Society -Roper and Doper

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's "truthout" is the most cogent discription of the conspiracy that I've read to date. Until this "t-o Focus" it was just
hazy chimera that something was very wrong. Until now it's been a secret collaboration of war-programing-plot-meisters who set off a covey-of-grackles with their beaks a-clackin,' to use the media to manufacture a deluded public opinion thrust justifying going to war with Iraq. All this was done, almost incomprhensibily, to lay groundwork to propel our nation into an unprovoked all out war.

This administration depleated and wasted our national treasury as surely as oil runs out, as mercury runs off a table and as pointlessly as the Vietnam
war was deadly.

This heinous misleading of our national will was done
simply to enable a painfully few corporations to skim profit to capture and control as
much of this world natural resource as possible while using our military to do
it. Wow!

The very existance of this previously-unheard-of WHIG group is clear circumstantial evidence that points to the
guilt of the two at the top. It had to be Bush-Cheney whose idea it was behind it, to set up a functioning prewar-room. Certainly this must be the textbook description that literally defines the crime of treason--as clearly
deserving of impeachment in Congress. It also deserves to be prosecuted as a War Crime, as serious a one as has ever gone before the Hague.

There may not yet have been as many casualties as Hitler caused but the number of people duped into complicity is larger, and includes all of us as Americans.

11:22 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

nice post FM.

11:40 AM  

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