Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alli Alli in Free


We use to yell this out when we were playing hide and seek

or perhaps you used it in another childhood game.

It means that this part of the game is over.

You can come in to home base.

Without being captured.

Without being tagged.

Without being "it".

As I remember, the person who owned the yard,

where you were playing the game,

was able to have certain game naming privileges.


Alli Alli in Free.

We humans are in a unique cross roads in our evolution.

And we are faced with unique and substantial challenges.

For millennia, humankind has been building fires of one size or another,

and we have used these fires,

to drive away animals,

to cook them when we can,

to warm our loved ones,

to drive our machines,

to power our computers,

to destroy our enemies.

This fire has served us very well.

But now, the very atmosphere that we need to burn this fire in,

is saying,

No more.

Conveniently, but not necessarily helpfully,

the sticks that we have been using to fuel our fires,

which now lie farther and farther away from our homes,

are now half way used up,

and becoming more and more difficult to find.

Meanwhile, other growing powerful tribes want these sticks too.

And the forest cannot keep up with the need for more.

Therefore, some would reason,

We must use our bigger sticks to get more burning sticks.

One day,

a very wise man came into camp and he said,

"We have come to the time when we do not burn our sticks."

We can use our sticks to scratch the earth,

so it will bring forth more food.

We can stack our sticks to build great strong structures,

so our children will be warm.

We can point our sticks at the heavens,

so they will receive the energy from the universe.

We can even use our sticks to bring us to unknown new worlds.

But first, we must reshape our most powerful subtle stick.

We must bend it and place a tight string on it.

And launch the arrow of human potential.

We must reform our mind.

We must reshape our thinking.

We must give our positions up.

The old ways of thinking,















Are passe.

At least they should be.

It's my yard.

And it's time for a new game.

Alli Alli in Free.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it may not be safe to come in yet. MS

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They burned all the sticks in our neighborhood a hundred years ago. Now the goats eat the leftovers.
El Gringo

10:48 AM  
Blogger Step Back said...

In New Orleans, the favorite past time is:


(Another such game, very similar to Ali Ali)

5:40 AM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

Holidays comes from the term "Happy Holy Day." Duh!

Capture the flag...kick the can... go to Wal Mart.

A pal's Mom told a great story about the three wise men. It would get the Pentecostals up in arms.

The wise guys saw a star; and took off to see where it was pointing. That is the weak part of the story but in those days there wasn't much ambient light. These wise guys were from India and they got there late, by two or three years and they showed up at Herod's house. Mistake? Well he was the king, right? Oh and their names are never really recorded unless herod has a record of the visitors?

They spilled the beans and good Ole Herod decided that all the boy childs should be offed. The wise guys split and poked around until they found old Jesse and his dad and then what? What happened to all that stuff they brought, that Myrrh and Francense and the gold? Mary and Joe used it to set up a business? Carpenter shop making groovy furniture?

Now I read somewhere else that Joseph, of where ever it was, was a "techt" which means he designed buildings and was quite wealthy. He got to stay in the special apartment over the stable. He had to pay his taxes of which he had a bunch and that was why he showed up. Mary in this research (?) was from Ireland and came by boat to Palestine.

So as a good Episcopalian, I am doomed to hell, for thinking that this stuff might actually be on the money. And who were these Mathew, John, Mark and Luke? They were on the scene? No, they were Jesse's guys later and heard the story. They needed some good tale to tell and so they worked on it, waited for awhile and wrote all the stuff down. And as usual no one got the story straight just sort of. They embellished it of course to wow the natives.

And Dec. 25th, is an arbitrary day chosen by the Roman emperor in Constantinople. He just said it is, and it was. "Make it so Mr. Scott."

I really like the "Dia de Virgin Guadalupe." it is actually very nice and oh so religious.The Mexicans and Latinos have it correct. Religion is wonderful when it is practiced for the religion and the feeling of grace that it imparts on the participants. One gets a union from all the people who are worshipping together and there is a power that comes from it that enters your body, your soul, your spirit. A feeling that is so hard to get from the gringos. They don't seem to get it. A lot of them are just there for the being there and being seen.

Our society has a large missing element. That of the mystic. The magic that once was. I saw in a film awhile back, a long while back; Merlin telling Arthur that there used to be Dragons but people started to forget and started no believing in them so they all died. An interesting idea.

If we stopped believing in George Bush would he just disappear

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked out the new blog search link. It is an amazing body of work that you have created.

The way seems clear.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we don't like the rules in your yard. In my yard, you can be your old worn out self.MS

11:28 AM  

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