Monday, December 12, 2005

Climate Terrorist

If you have been following the Climate Change meeting in Montreal, you know that the US delegation has been a little bit cantankerous at best. Here is the most recent act of diplomatic terror from the delegation representing the corporate polluters that are allowed to hide and set up their corporate terror training camps in the geographic state of the United States.

Breakthrough as US joins climate talks
The Herald
Calum McDonald

American delegates have signed up to talks on long-term measures to tackle global warming in what is seen as a major breakthrough on climate change.The refusal of the US government to accept any deal involving a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions appeared to have killed off any chance of a breakthrough at the summit in Canada over the weekend.

US delegates walked out of the climate change conference in Montreal, but they later returned and agreed to sign up to non-binding talks.

The acceptance of the American government to bow to world pressure and finally take part in multilateral talks on global warming is seen as a breakthrough.

It was welcomed by environmental groups.Bill Hare, of Greenpeace International, said: "The Bush administration blinked. The world should remember that."The U-turn came after years of intransigence and foot-dragging over the issue of pollution and global warming.

Since pulling out four years ago from the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement for cutting pollution which contributes to global warming, the US government has refused to co-operate in multilateral talks.American delegates walked out of the Montreal talks without reaching agreement, but then, according to Margaret Beckett, the environment secretary who led the British delegation, a series of telephone calls between London and Washington resulted in them rejoining the talks.

When they returned, the US delegation agreed to sign up to non-binding talks on long-term measures to tackle global warming.

And then, there is this story in the Financial Times which puts a slightly different spin on the US change of heart.

"The US had hinted it might be prepared to cut a deal from the start of the ministerial talks last Wednesday. Until this summer, Washington argued that to talk about the future of co-operation on climate change under the UN would be "premature".

But Paula Dobriansky, the US under-secretary of state for global affairs, signalled a significant change of direction that could lead to a deal. She said the US would refuse to sign up to "formalised discussions" that were geared towards "a one size fits all approach".

The proposed discussions were expressly framed to sustain a variety of approaches, without resorting to formal negotiations; a series of minor amendments to this effect allowed the US to sign up.

Some environmentalists fear the US may yet use its place at the table to block or stall future progress.

Although this is possible, Richard Kinley, acting head of the UN's Climate Change Secretariat, described the meeting as "one of the most productive UN climate change conferences ever".

I don't know how you feel when you realize that your government is working hard to not only not help in the solution to one of humankind's great issues, but is actively working or possibly coniving to frustrate the rest of the nations from solving the issue too.

It makes me realize that this administration is actively pursuing policies that are very dangerous to the well being of us all.

Here is the POTUS on the issue.

Seriously, it is truly amazing that

the US has become a rogue state,

and all the rest of the world has become our hostage.

We are the climate terrorists.

And we have our demands.

So, the world applauds as "meaningful",

our participation in another nonbinding process,

Even as the earth begins to reach a point of no return.

Last night, in a retort to my positive notions

that humankind has the means and capability to solve our problems,

if we would only apply our very best efforts,

A friend opined that sociopaths and narcissists often come to power,

when times get like this.

He was a doctor.

He knows pathology.

I'm an optimistic futurist,

And I see hope,

in the eschatology.


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Blogger oZ said...

I made a change at 11:11.

I added the eschatology line.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Los said...

I agree with your friend that sociopaths and narcissists come to power in times like these. Perhaps they are much of the reason we experience times like these.

There is an interesting study called Political Ponerology that investigates this issue. It details the psycopathic structure of world empires and govenments. I think the hope you speak of Oz, may come from learning about and researching this study and those like it. There seems to be so many ways humanity could help one another - so why for a millenia more have things not happened?

Certainly the problem isn't in developing solutions. Its seems the prolem lies in our implementation.

Our leaders use a false morality deceptivly appealing to those who do have consciences - to manipulate the masses.

They have done well.

I think our only protection and hope for a future of truth is in understanding and doing something about the mess we find ourselves in.

Here's an article on Political Ponerology if anyone is interested:

10:39 PM  
Blogger Charlie Loving said...

Look for the money. My daughter was in Montreal and attended the conference. There are a lot of people who actually care and worry about this stuff but they aren't in posotions of POWER. Maybe the "black helicopter" theory is correct. The commission knows what is best for us all and they will create things for us so we can spend our money on them and they will be building the 'Solient Green" plants next month.

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Change requires both seeing the possibilities as well as not being fooled be the rhetoric. It is all to easy to fall into cynicism and inaction

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the friend at the party, I believe my point was something like narcissists and sociopaths have always been in charge. Not everywhere at the same time, but always somewhere, and often. These people have a compulsion to power and wealth, and a decreased ability to empathize. The results throughout recorded history have been bloody,predictable and ubiquitous in households, as well as nations. If we still possessed medieval technology with maces and torture chambers, we could survive this type of leadership indefinitely as a species, as it is, we don't have much time to recognize the pattern and change it. This change will be absolutely essential to progress on issues such as climate change, because these people would drive us to hell in a hand basket, then sell us into bonded servitude to pay the cab fare. I think it is possible that we could recognize the reality of the narcissociopathic axis before it is too late, therefore I consider myself optimistic. I agree with you, my friend, that there is a possibility we could be forced in the right direction.

11:09 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

Dear Respect is the Hub, Thanks for the comment, the correction, and the illucidation.

10:04 AM  

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