Thursday, December 08, 2005

Only Sky

Several weeks ago, while at a dinner party, we somehow mentioned December 8th. One of the guys at the table immediately said,

"Yes, the day that John Lennon died."

I responded that I remember the date,

but I was surprised that any one else did.

He just looked at me like,

You got to be kidding?

Then he said, "everybody remembers that date."

So, we took a poll of the other people at the dinner party who by that time were milling around the kitchen and moving about the house.

What day was John Lennon shot?, he yelled.

A lawyer looked up and made a face like,

What kind of stupid question is that? and immediately said,

Dec. 8th.

It was as if we were asking when is the Fourth of July.

Everyone knew.

Of course, I live in a town that bills itself as the

"Live Music Capital of the World"

and maybe that is required knowledge

in this music culture savvy town.

Still, I was impressed.

A couple of weeks ago, while running through some chords on the piano,

I found myself playing the first few lines of Imagine.

It's a pretty simple song that basically uses the seventh

to move to the fourth.

I went to my favorite site for music called ,

and pulled the rest of the music and the words,

and learned to play the song.

Nothing teaches you a song like learning a song.

Nothing teaches you a song like performing it.

Nothing teaches you a song like committing it to memory.

I have come to realize that the mind and spirit of the genius,

that lived within John Lennon,

is no where close to a grave.

There are many who can imagine no heaven, no hell,

no countries, no greed, no hunger,

no religion too.

There are even a few who might imagine

no possessions,

nothing to kill or die for,

and a brotherhood of man.

Oh, you may say we are dreamers,

But we are not the only ones.

Perhaps some day you will join us,

and the world will live as one.

For above us,

Is only sky.


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Blogger Charlie Loving said...

I suspose I am a total dolt but I am one who wouldn't of had a clue. They say you rememebr where you were when these things happen. I can't recall when JFK died except it was in November. But then I don't remember when anyone died I just remeber that they lived and they are gone. I was never one that was very good with dates. I miss a lot of birthdays and such because of that non fixation. It is some sort of French syndrome.

12:21 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

glad to see you are back C L..

You know JFK was the 22nd though. I just know you know that.

1:53 PM  
Blogger oZ said...

Oh and happy birthday to S T.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love those words. Many people gathered and lit candles today at the Dakota.

Thanks for the stroll and the memory.

8:15 PM  

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