Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Mark of Cain

It's OK to love your country.

I love Mexico because it's so real, so pure, and so simple,


I love the Netherlands because they are so open, so civilized.

It's OK to think of yourself as a something or another.

It's not OK to think that just because you are that something,

that you have the right to treat others as if they are not.

But if you want to be an earthling,

Try noticing how much of the news is based on division.

No wonder there is so much struggle and strife.

For an exercise,

count the times you hear "American" today.

count the times you hear another division mentioned.

count the ways that it brings us unhappyness.

"We don't defend our borders."

"Our borders are broken."

"We must defend the National security".

The human brain is a remarkable tool.

It can be programmed to do complicated tasks

at remarkable speeds.

It has also been programmed to believe that the human world

is composed of nations.

It is not.

The human World is composed of humans, not nations.

And it is no more proper for those nations to inflict harm on one another,

than it is for you to inflict harm on your neighbor across the street.

Six thousand years ago, Cain murdered Abel.

Three thousand years ago,

Cities like Athens and Sparta and Troy laid seige on each another.

One hundred and fifty years ago,

Virginians fought against Pennsylvanians.

Ninety years ago, the young men of France

dug in against the young men of Germany,

while they lobbed WMDs at one another from their trenches.

Today, we lob tomahawk missiles from the comfort of our steel ships,

and watch and cheer as they rain their destruction on our ship mates.

This weekend,

Try loving your space ship, our earth, instead of the artificial divisions.

Solve the mideast problem in your head by imagining a "no state" solution.

As our dear leader panders to the worst of our fears and instincts

by placing a large army on the border of our geographic division,

think about how absurd it all is.

This nation, this constitution, this heritage, this belief of yours,

is just progamming.

And it issues from the days of Monarchs and Minions.

This weekend,

as you honor your mother,

honor the mother at your feet.

Rub out the Mark of Cain.

Join the Earthfamily,

and swear to not kill your brother.


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art courtesy of Wayne Forte


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aztlan, aztlan.

11:26 AM  
Blogger oZ said...

I made a small correction on this post around 3:00 pm on sunday.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very powerful. thanks.

7:14 AM  
Blogger respectisthehub said...

"All that you have is your soul..."
Tracy Chapman

9:50 PM  

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